Broken financial neck of all nations may equal world government

More and more of the world’s elitists admit they want an end to the world’s nations, and the introduction of a world government. What can they do to reach such a goal? I would have «helped»all the countries I could toward the state’s financial precipice. Thus, the goal will resolve itself. But I am of course alone thinking ugly thoughts like this?»

Brutt økonomisk nakke for verdens nasjoner kan bli verdensregjering

Flere og flere av verdens elitister innrømmer at de ønsker en slutt på verdens nasjoner, og innføringen av en verdensregjering. Hva kan de gjøre for å nå et slikt mål? Jeg ville ha «hjulpet»alle landene jeg kunne mot statens økonomiske stup. Dermed vil målet løse seg selv. Men jeg tenker selvfølgelig alene på stygge tanker som dette?

This gives gold value

You will find many articles about gold and other valuable metals here on State Of Globe. You will also find that the word gold standard is coming up, again and again. But what makes gold more valuable than almost anything else? How can we build a system of trade and money basically on gold alone?

Les merThis gives gold value

The mixed race between human and animal is for real

A scary field of research is the mixing animals and humans. A field the military is very interested in. They dream of soldiers with the eagle eyes, the dog’s nose and the bear’s strength. Much of this research is already dangerously far towards reality, while we all sit quietly and let it happen.

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