The Playing Field of Consciousness.

We start with a system of Individuals, each One interacting with Others and affecting the system. No matter how You break it down, that is the playing field of Consciousness. The result is the sum of the integral input.

Liberty and the American Way

Liberty and freedom are often used to mean the same thing.  The ability to choose for One’s Self how One spends One’s time/energy.  Both presume the three Laws are binding principles, and Individuals presume other “laws” as well (really all beyond the three are statutes, acts, bills, codes, rules, regulations, edicts, mandates, ordinances, and so on)

How international banks made us victims of blackmail

We have all become victims of blackmail by the international banking community. They have for some reason been allowed to “privatize the gains and the socialize the losses», to borrow a phrase from Nobel Price winner in economy 2001 Joseph Stiglitz. How has this dangerous and tragic mess been allowed to happen?

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Science out of control and gone wild?

The website has made an article about ten outlandish things the «scientific» controllers have in mind for us in the near future. So far they only “look in the glassbowl”, based on already known plans. But these ten things are so scary and crazy that one really have to ask when enough is enough? How far should humanity allow science to go, if we want to avoid a global dictatorship that will make North-Korea pale in comparison?

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The Goldstandard is inavoidable

Over and over again I have talked about my conviction about a coming goldstandard for our western currencies, in particular the US currency. The more I see the developing breakdown of our financial system, the more I see there are no way around it. To avoid hyperinflation and Weimar republic/Zimbabwe problems gold will come back. But how and when?

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These are the funds they say will save USA

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan
Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a fund, so huge that you get problems thinking in numbers as large as this. Imagine the fund being blocked by banks and/or authorities, for the sole purpose of  «taking control» of the yearly interest gained by the fund. This is a description of the Wanta funds, that allegedly have been blocked for 15 years plus. Now it seems this may change.

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Wall Street Journal uncovering a possible 8 trillion USD fraud

.A possible fraud of eight trillion (eight thousand billion) dollars is right now being uncovered by Wall Street Journal. A journalistic uncovering of a fraud, that if proven true will bring a central US paper back among the very best medias of the word.

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The peacepricewinner have increased US wareffort in Yemen. Syria are now discussed as next (update)

With military action in five countries, I guess it is not suggesting too much when I ask if the U.S. ever has had any more belligerent President than Peace Prize winner Barack Obama? Sunday senator Lindsey Graham (R) also said that US lso should consider intervention in Syria. The sixth war of Obama may be on its way?

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