Påsken 2020: Da sannheten kom – via Hollywood

Om du vet at noe er alvorlig galt i verden rundt, men i en koronatid kun ser virusproblemene er det videoen over her du har sett etter. Her er vesentlige deler av sannheten om denne verdens grådighet, menneskehandel, pedofili, maktmennesker og satanisme samlet på et brett, av to bak kulissene aktører i Hollywood.

An Open Secret: How To Watch the Child Abuse Documentary Hollywood ‘Doesn’t Want You to See’

From the Guardian: A documentary about an alleged paedophile ring in Hollywood has been viewed more than 3 million times after creators released it for free. […] Director Amy Berg, who won an Oscar for her film Deliver Us From Evil about sex abuse in the Catholic church, obtained information with her team about an alleged group of …

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The mixed race between human and animal is for real

A scary field of research is the mixing animals and humans. A field the military is very interested in. They dream of soldiers with the eagle eyes, the dog’s nose and the bear’s strength. Much of this research is already dangerously far towards reality, while we all sit quietly and let it happen.