Broken financial neck of all nations may equal world government

More and more of the world’s elitists admit they want an end to the world’s nations, and the introduction of a world government. What can they do to reach such a goal? I would have «helped»all the countries I could toward the state’s financial precipice. Thus, the goal will resolve itself. But I am of course alone thinking ugly thoughts like this?»

The more I read financial history and the more I see what is taking place now, the more I think about how likely it seems to be that world government can become a reality. The situation is more and more pushing us towards a total, global economic crisis. Will this mean that the UN will sell it as a crisis intervention, and take control over all of us? Which probably means that the official and the most definitely not as official leaders of the organization, with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund IMF in the lead, decides that the majority of national sovereignty must give way in relation to the global common good?

Only wants the best for us?
Which I guess can hardly be done without UN Security Council establishes itself as a world government? A Security Council that are confusingly similar to the so-called G7 countries, with some additions. I guess it may be impropriate to remind the Biblereader s among us what the prophet Daniel says in the Bible? Or recall the Book of Revelations? Because I guess we all believe that the UN only wants the best for us all, and probably never has had their own agenda?

That they have been fighting so hard against alleged climate change, and pushed hard for global taxation coming through their own financial system is of course only a signal of their good intentions?

Order out of Chaos
I’m gnawing on the phrase «Ordo Ab Chao», which is Latin and means «Order out of Chaos». One phrase that is said to come from the Scottish Freemasonry, at the highest ranks. I’m not masonic, so of course I know nothing about this. However, it gnaws me more than a bit when I see how many members of the Scottish Freemasonrys highest levels are sitting in the world’s highest positions of power. But of course this is just a coincidence, I hope?


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  1. Mann….
    Der er LITE som er «tilfeldig»…
    Bare dette å vite hvor gammel bibelen er…..
    -Og d fantes år, før bibelens offentliggjørelse oxo…?
    Man kan jo spørre HVEM er di folka…?
    -Oxo i dag.
    -Og hva interesser har di bl.a på sin fritid…?

  2. Indeed, the writing is on the wall and it is becoming more difficult for those who are assuming control to hide or distort the facts of the matter.

    Yes, I believe we are witnessing a 3,000 year old prophecy (+ or – 300 hundred years) that is becoming a reality in our time.

    I’m referring to the book of Daniel, «End Times Prophecy». To be more specific, king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, the king’s dream revealed the world’s ruling gentile kingdoms in chronological order from the Babylonian empire to the return of Jesus. The prophet Daniel was given the same dream alone with its meaning and so far, history has recorded his interpretation to be right-on (Persian, Greek and Roman empires). The second to last kingdom is just around the corner… «The New World Order», isn’t that what Hitler tried to achieve? We really are living in interesting times.


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