USA fra Russiagate til FBIgate

«Jeg tror vi aldri skal bruke ordet Russiagate igjen. Jeg tror vi burde bruke FBIgate fordi det var en konspirasjon for å prøve å ramme Trump …», sa den tidligere så profilerte kongressrepresentanten Ron Paul i et intervju med Russia Today.

‘When I say cut taxes, I don’t mean fiddle with the code. I mean abolish the income tax and the IRS, and replace them with nothing’

The quote in the headline comes from Ron Paul, and it should be the goal of every conservative lawmaker in the entire country.  When professional politicians tell you that they are in favor of reforming the tax code or reducing taxes a little bit, essentially what they are telling you

Michael Snyder Is Calling For An Army Of Pro-Trump Activists To Run For Office All Over America

It is really easy to sit back and complain about the direction of this country, but what America really needs at this hour are men and women that are willing to step into the fight to save our constitutional republic.  As I have said before, getting Donald Trump elected was

Wall Street Journal uncovering a possible 8 trillion USD fraud

.A possible fraud of eight trillion (eight thousand billion) dollars is right now being uncovered by Wall Street Journal. A journalistic uncovering of a fraud, that if proven true will bring a central US paper back among the very best medias of the word.

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Presidential candidate Ron Paul warns against enabling a future US dictator

In a strong warning on his website, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul warns that the United States under Obama puts more and more conducive to a future American dictator. He now gets strong indirect support from the prominent Democratic Senator Ron Wyden. Wyden says that the people get to know one thing, while the government has its secret part of the Patriot Act law.