The mixed race between human and animal is for real

A scary field of research is the mixing animals and humans. A field the military is very interested in. They dream of soldiers with the eagle eyes, the dog’s nose and the bear’s strength. Much of this research is already dangerously far towards reality, while we all sit quietly and let it happen.

State Of Globe will in the time to come take a closer look at this subject. A field that seems very underrated by most people. Right in front of our eyes we can see a rapid toward delibarate and human made evolution a completely new being, the technological «manimal». A human/animal being, where you will have full network integration between human brains, and animal genes, where they believe they are better than human genes. Man is working highspeed to re-create mankind in His own image. Some will say it is the work of the devil. The image of God is plainly no longer good enough, for those who push this. And they are growing in numbers. I wonder if they ever think about what will happen with the ability to love and care for these creatures?

Watch the Matrix
Although they are Hollywood-made, all of us should see and think thoroughly about the Matrix movies. They are really seeing what is at stake.. For the people who in the deep techno-addiction push this development, obviously do not see the extreme power potential they put into the hands of those who own the patents and computernetworks. They will control and own these lives, down to the smallest detail., Everything that is developed will always be patented, and the new «manimal» will in no way be able to own themselves. Just think what it means. All «improvements» are owned by the power people, and the word slave will get a completely new meaning.

You should follow the State Of Globe in the time to come. I want the future to be seen today.  You must be able prepare for the future, and by this have some hope for continued freedom for yourself and your family. If all of us start thinking through this I believe we can delay Homo Sapiens 2, but time is short. Why not start today?



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