US can hardly any longer control nuclear smugling

US has big problems securing the country against nuclear bombs in «terrorist hands.» While the government cries out loud almost every day about the danger of an attack, US are now nearly empty in their stock of the gas used to detect such bombs being attempted to be smuggled into the country.

It has in the past month or so been many rumors about the alleged terrorists planning a nuclear attack on the United States. It is said to be several missing bombs in the global stocks. The former Asia correspondent for Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford has on a few occasions mentioned four bombs. These allegedly are among the missing Russian bombs. Four years ago it was also a very unpleasant incident at the Minot base in North Dakota. All in all, it is claimed that nuclear weapons with a total force of 2200 times the Hiroshima bomb have been lost since it started in 1945. These numbers  are not pleasant.

Possible fake terror
Some also mentions the possibility of a so-called false flag nuclear attack. A new 911 event, and this time on «steroids». Where the blame is given to terrorists, with the associated hard tightening of freedom and opportunity for a good life for most of us. But «the terrorists» will of course not be the ones they are said to be. This is what false flag operations are about. They are meant to give a nation’s leadership credibility and ability to do things that would otherwise be impossible to do.

To stop the new financial system
The reason this time will be to stop the new financial system that are on its way. A system in which much of today’s elite will loose tremendously. Both money and most power will be lost to them. Not to mention that more than a few most likely also will be held accountable for war, torture and may be empty treasuries in many of the worlds countries.

Can not stand the light of day
I personally do not know what to think about these ((false flag)) rumors? There are reasons to believe that central players among the world’s elite leadership has done lot of stuff that can not stand the light of day. Hidden agendas has been the order of the day for people we do not like to think about when it comes to bad stuff, and of course the goal was to enrich themselves and consolidate their power base. Who these people are does no good to speculate about now. It will probably be known after the new system has arrived. But there is hardly any doubt that the future prospects for those people seems unpleasant. Is it inconceivable that someone with great power can be willing to do absolutely everything, to avoid what they will experience as a fate worse than death?

On this basis, I find it very uncomfortable to read about how one hand of the U.S. Department of Energy has not known what the other hand has done, and that this now implicate that the U.S. is virtually defenseless if someone attempts to smuggle nuclear weapons into the country. Looking at it in perspective in relation to the so-called security as a basis for every American, it is all very absurd. But such is life maybe?

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