Hva er agendaen bak Circus Corona, del 5

Dette er den femte delen av dr Heiko Santelmanns artikkelserie om Circus Corona. De fire foregående artiklene finner du her, her, her og her.

Hiding behind the headlines

I wonder every day, during the difficult times this world now goes through what will happen tomorrow? Because the more the political and financial system gets into trouble, the more it seems like the media frontpages are «stolen» by other dramatic events. It seems to be peaking as this is written with the hurricane «Irene» over Washington, and Obama warning that it is not over yet. When was the last time Washington was hit by something like this?

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These are the funds they say will save USA

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan
Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a fund, so huge that you get problems thinking in numbers as large as this. Imagine the fund being blocked by banks and/or authorities, for the sole purpose of  «taking control» of the yearly interest gained by the fund. This is a description of the Wanta funds, that allegedly have been blocked for 15 years plus. Now it seems this may change.

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Broken financial neck of all nations may equal world government

More and more of the world’s elitists admit they want an end to the world’s nations, and the introduction of a world government. What can they do to reach such a goal? I would have «helped»all the countries I could toward the state’s financial precipice. Thus, the goal will resolve itself. But I am of course alone thinking ugly thoughts like this?»