Den blandede rase mellom menneske og dyr utvikles nå

Et skummelt forskningsfelt er blanding av dyr og mennesker. Et felt militæret er veldig interessert i. De drømmer om soldater med ørneøyne, hundens nese og bjørnens styrke. Mye av denne forskningen er allerede farlig langt mot virkeligheten, mens vi alle sitter stille og lar det skje.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul warns against enabling a future US dictator

In a strong warning on his website, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul warns that the United States under Obama puts more and more conducive to a future American dictator. He now gets strong indirect support from the prominent Democratic Senator Ron Wyden. Wyden says that the people get to know one thing, while the government has its secret part of the Patriot Act law.

The first selfreplicating human made cell is now a reality

U.S. researchers at the J.Craig Venter Institute has made an empty cell, injected with synthetic, man-made materials able to reproduce. Wired has this report. Although you most likely need something more than this to call it life, there is little doubt that Craig Venter and his team are breaking new boundaries between man and God.

Washington DC, City of London and the Vatican are sovereign states

– Did you know that the City of London is the world’s financial capital? That Washington DC is the world’s military capital, and that the Vatican is the world’s religious capital? And that all these three geographic limited places are sovereign entities in the countries we find them?