Interview: Alleged historic wave of massarrests of bankers and elitists when NWO soon will be taken down

DAVID WILCOCK with DRAKE Interview 29March2012 ( ) – YouTube – this interview has gone viral on the Internet, and we may wonder why?

DAVID WILCOCK with DRAKE Interview 29March2012 ( ) – YouTube.

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Teamsters Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street Movement or is it System Takeover?

In an official Statement of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa gives full support to Occupy Wall Street. Nothing would be better if it is true, but thinking about the history of Teamster and grassrootmovements in the  US, one may perhaps also ask if the system now is trying to take control of this uprising of the people? No one would be happier than me to be wrong here.

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Britain to sue ECB. Heading for full financial war in EU.

Britain is to sue the European Central Bank for setting rules that allegedly will create problems for the until now financial capital of the world, the City of London . Rules that will force clearinghouses to move over to the euro area.

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Washington DC, City of London and the Vatican are sovereign states

– Did you know that the City of London is the world’s financial capital? That Washington DC is the world’s military capital, and that the Vatican is the world’s religious capital? And that all these three geographic limited places are sovereign entities in the countries we find them?

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