Natural cancer therapy, and it allegedly works

We must always be very wary of non-proven cancer cures. I do not know the truth about the Gershon-therapy presented in this film . Do any of State of the Globe’s readers know?

What I am fairly convinced about, is that nature itself has solutions for most diseases. But these seem to stand little chance of being used, because they cannot be patented. Patents are the key to make enough money to get new treatments and medication approved. Everything in this field need to follow certain rules and approvement processes for the health care system of the world’s countries to adopt it.

Few natural solutions approved
I have for some years been very critical of the crazy run for money in the pharmaceutical industry, but we must not forget law enforcement by governments either. The authorities may be just as big a problem as any crazy run for money. This makes me wonder if to a certain extent it is justified to ask if particularly western governments themselves are responsible for their own enormous costs of health care? Because they make demands that can only be met by products that can be patented. Thus, few or no natural solutions are approved. With Guide to Healthcare Schools you can get your degree in alternative holistic treatments. It cost too much for a company without any guarantee that it will ever be accepted in any public healthcare system. At best, we are talking about a chemical variation or exclusion of the natural. One cannot patent nature itself.

Should medicines be commercial?
How much of the public medical costs is really going to secure patents, and how much goes to the actual treatment, you might ask? Short version is probably that much more money are spent than we in all likelihood need, if we had relied more on nature. Perhaps development should not be privatized at all? Maybe medical advances should be kept out of commercial interests? I know it sounds like  communism, but how well does the system we have today work? My worry is human suffering and death. How long can a system with built-in resistance to natural treatments, and for economic reasons also actual healing, survive?

Photo by Hackley Public Library

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