God vs Satan: The Final Battle – YouTube

God vs Satan: The Final Battle – YouTube – Some say it is escalation toward this we see now. I don’t know, but I do know that the fight between these two is what all we see in this troubled the world really is about.          Related articles   The Final Battle …

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Planned Parenthood Policy Document: Forced Abortions, Restructure Family, Encourage Child Sex, Stimulate Gay Lifestyle, Avoid Marriage

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood (Photo credit: WeNews)

Planned Parenthood is an organisation with to most people a fairly unknown history and agenda showing what they really want. New «Hooking Kids on Sex II» video by A.L.L. reveals Planned Parenthood policy proposal also included forced abortions and China-style federal regulation of family size in U.S.A.


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Is this the financial megabomb that will soon explode? (Updated Feb. 22nd – banks/Fed may have stolen trillions)

A very scary text has been brought to my attention, basically just a transcript from the House of Lords. Some weeks ago someone, usually with obvious inside knowledge about finance, put out on the Internet that when global financial crash comes for real it will start in London. Is this speech the smoking startgun? A very updated version of this story has (02.22) been published by Veterans Today. A lot more info is here.

Is nature a money making asset for the elitists, controlling humanity?

Can nature provide us all with all we need of energy, food and medicine? And even do it without the total slavelike dependence we have today on the big corporations that deliver all these necessities?  Could we all basically be disconnected from the food, health and energy grid? Some people say yes. And some has even proven it to be right. Why do we still hold on to these grids?

Member of European Parliament warns of a likely revolution in Greece, and southern Europe

Nigel Farage is leader of the UK Independence Party and a very outspoken member of the European Parliament. Unfortunately for the Parliament he has been more often right than wrong. He has for a long time warned about most of the severe problems we see now. But never has his warnings been more scary than in this recent interview with Alex Jones and Infowars.com.

The Gold Market De and Re Constructed – a radical forward look by Peter Trzaska

Peter Trzaska is a gold buyer, investor and silver dealer in UK. I found this article from him on http://www.asymptotix.eu/blog. The article is partly about he role of gold in global politics, something Trzaska clearly has a deep understanding of. Read what he says about Iran. The article is reproduced here with kind permission of John Morrison at Asymptotix, and the writer Peter Trzaska. (Hans Chr. Faerden, editor State of Globe)

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