Are Syria «paying» because a war between Israel and Iran cannot happen?

Anyone with a micron-inch of sense knows that a war between Israel and Iran will go nuclear and start World War III. Is this the real background for the terrible civil war in Syria, the closest ally of Iran in the Middle-East.

I started thinking about that after reading this article from Jerusalem Post. Former chief of Israeli intelligence, Mossad, Efraim Halevy basically says the same as many others before him: «Never let a good crisis go to waste».

  • Israel should focus on striking Iran politically and diplomatically – through the fall of Assad, Halevy says. That basically says it all.

Closest ally
Syria has for many, many years been the closest ally of Iran. They have heavily supported Hezbollah in Lebanon, and has for a very long time been a much bigger problem for Israel than Iran ever was. No matter what they say in Teheran or Tel Aviv, history tells the truth. Iran and Israel has for a long time been silent trading partners, and Iran has many Jews calling themselves Iranian.

Priests need control
But they are both in trouble in the geopolitical/financial world arena. The priests of Iran has lost their standing among the Iranian people. It is an old truth that says, find an external enemy to keep the control at home. Israel is the arch enemy of everyone in the Middle East, especially the moslem population. You get big goodwill at home by standing up against Israel, and the priests know they need it to keep their powerbase. But they can of course not openly be full fledged warmongers. President Ahmadinejad is of course a useful idiot right out of their dreams.

Another point for the priest of Iran is the constant struggle between Shiites and Sunnis, which in reality in this case are the beacons of the the world of Islam, Iran and Saudi-Arabia. The House of Saud are «married» to the US, even though the relations officially are not the best right now. This gives Iran an open door to win the hearts of the Middle East. The US is The Beast and Israel the Iranian Satan in this game of power and control.

Need high price on oil
Israel on their side is said to have bought oilfutures for outrageous amounts of money. They desperately need to keep the price of oil/energy high enough to make money in a time where very few are able to do that. Closing the Strait of Hormuz is a crucial need to keep the price up. In this they have a mutual interest with Iran, where part of the priests’ need for power also will be secured by an oilprice through the roof. The priests have partly built their powerbase on the energy, and the global dependence on Iran because of that.

But maybe most of all I believe we again are seeing the global need for gold, in a country with one more central bank that are not controlled by the international banking community. You can read more about that here, here, here, and here.

Lots of motives
In other words there are a lot of motives for war between Iran and Israel, and none of them are about nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons seems crazy enough to be almost a commodity in the international market, if just fragments of the info openly available on the Internet is true? The ((Valerie Plame)) story comes to my mind, and most definitely the story of FBI whistleblower ((Sibel Edmonds)). Turkey seems to be deeply involved. Just look at this page here, made after a simple Google search I got all these links nuclear smuggling and Turkey. Why this extreme noise around an alleged nuclear Iran, when it seems that another Islamic country, Turkey is like a brokerhouse, selling nukes to the highest bidder?

Are Syria being set up?
This article started with Syria, and it ends with Syria. The neighbour of Israel and the closest ally of Iran. There are a lot of information out there questioning many of the mediareports from Syria. A few examples are here, here and here. This writer also personally know of European people that partly lives down there, and for a long time could not recognise nearly anything of what was being told in Western medias.

Is it even here about the gold or energy, or maybe both? Are foreign Islamic fighter even here creating the trouble, and getting parts of the army with them? Is the bottom line a proxy war between Israel and Iran, where Israel hope to get control of the gold, secure their borders and of what in the really old days was a part of the Biblical Israel? While Iran, the old Persia will get what some think they deserve? Old bloodlines never die? That is a part I believe is terribly underestimated in geopolitical analysis. Time will show us the truth. It always does, in the end. But until then, do not forget the link between Damaskus and Teheran when you continue reading papers and watching TV in 2012.


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  1. Are you saying that Iran has nuclear weapons ? I think Israel has demonstrated in the past that they will strike a nation that poses a threat to them to stop that nation getting nuclear weapons so I don’t quite understand your point. Whether Israel has a hand in the turmoil in Syria is not for me to say.

  2. My point is that any way, shape or form a war between Israel and Iran will most likely turn nuclear because of US, China and Russia on different sides. And Israel my feel the heat enough from Russia and China, while US i «half hearted» … I also believe that Iran already has access to nukes … but that is of less importance in how the game has developed now .. It is any way extremely dangerous.


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