Is nature a money making asset for the elitists, controlling humanity?

Can nature provide us all with all we need of energy, food and medicine? And even do it without the total slavelike dependence we have today on the big corporations that deliver all these necessities?  Could we all basically be disconnected from the food, health and energy grid? Some people say yes. And some has even proven it to be right. Why do we still hold on to these grids?

One may of course write bookshelves full of books about the energy, food and medicine grids and how we all are just feeding them with our needs and our labor. Some even say that humans are the only species that has to pay to live on this planet. For what?

I will not give any definite answer. I don’t have that. But there are a lot of clues to why man has to pay to live on this planet, and even more clues of why these grids seem so important. The most obvious is of course the money. To develop and organize a society costs money, and these money have to be created. Nothing wrong about that.

But the former US minister of Foreign Affairs and statesman Henry Kissinger is quoted on another and much «darker» possible reason:»If you control the oil you control the country; if you control the food you control the population.» This article will take a deeper look into this much darker underworld of a possible use of nature as a moneymaking asset for controlling humanity.

Let our leaders think
An article here on State of Globe will never we able to present this subject to its fullest. If we tried very few people would also have wanted/been able read about it. The «information overload» time we live in is a big opportunity to hide information we all need. Think about it. Where is the best place to hide? Where no other human beings are? Or in a shopping mall when the sale of the century is on? Information may be devided into packets, bits and pieces. If we get them all at once we will lose a lot of it. And information is easy to hide.

Information overload is definitely a democratic problem, as it is hiding information and  dumbing down society. If information get somewhat complexed most people today «jump the ship».

This is not the central message of this article, but I do believe it is part of the reason why we hold so hard on to what we are told by our information overlords. It seems so much easier to let our elected leaders think for us.

«Improve» nature
I started thinking about this dependency after beginning to see where the idea of genetic engineered, GE plants and animals may lead us.

Through the medias we are given a description of a world in deep trouble, with too many people and no way of providing enough food for the steadily growing population. We are told that natural corn, soy and other foodplants  are not good enough from nature itself. Man has to «improve» them, for the world to be sufficiently fed. Because we live in a world in serious climatic trouble.

Patent nature for control and money
What they do not tell us though is that quite a few of these «improved» plants, due to the laws of nature may make the natural plants totally disappear. Even more important, they do not tell that manipulated plants, animals or what ever they «play with» makes it possible to patent (read: fully control the distribution of) products that otherwise would have been free from nature. And maybe worst, we are not told about the need for protecting these new plants with chemicals that may or may not seriously harm us all. Directly or indirectly through the effects on the rest of the nature.

Total control
Should we see it as just a coincidence that the same companies that are leading the field of genetic engineering of nature also are central backers of the seed vault at Svalbard? The vault with the seeds that may restore nature if the big GE experiment totally fails? Or will the soil be so destroyed by GE plants that this will be impossible?

I am sure noone has thought of an even more sinister possibility, that the seed vault is an historical chance to steal nature as we know it. First you can tell that you will «improve» nature as much as you can to «secure» a good life for all. What you do not say is of course that the mind of humans and their overview of creation is very limited. But you always make sure you win no matter what. So when all fails (like when too many die of the fake GE food, even though that makes the eugenic lords happy) and natural growth is destroyed you are also in control of the «original creation» through the vault on Svalbard.

Their total control of humanity is any way, shape or form is then a fact. Because they 100% control our food, which I guess was the goal from day 1?

Not fully here, yet
The total control of our food is of course the ultimate dependency, and if everything else fails that will always be the golden calf for controlling humanity. But the elitists desire for control may be overrun by an even stronger desire for money and gold. One thing is fully controlling the production and distribution of food, another thing is to make a lot of money while you do it. Real money also equals power, and I guess gold has a power of its own, twisting the heads of most people?  This desire is easily helped the more control you get over the food. We all need food, and what we cannot find in nature we have to buy. If you remove foods from nature and from any free market, due to patenting of the «improved» food, I guess we all will get an unpleasant future if GE will be allowed to continue without any special checks to it?

This extreme version of possible dictatorial control of us all through our need for food is luckily not fully here yet, even though the signs of us heading there is getting clearer every day. That is unless the 6,999 billion people on earth, that risk being severly victimized by this stand up and say that enough is enough. Personally I am optimistic seeing more people are waking up every day, to see the truth about how we all are controlled through the food and other grids. More and more stories are coming out, especially from the US

Control is name of the game
But even if it is not there yet, the way society is organized in at least the Western countries points in only one direction. Control is the name of the game, and if you control the food the rest of nature will not have that much importance. Even though that does not stop other depency grids either. Too much money are involved.

They are the grids, made to make people pay to be able to live on this planet. The energy, food and medicalgrids are all ways to utilize resources that basically belong to humanity as a whole. What gives anyone right to use what belongs to all, only to make money for himself?

I use food as the ultimate example of using nature owned by all as a tool for private moneymaking and control of the moneytree (read: the other inhabitants of this planet). I presented GMO as the ultimate way of getting full control, even though the food grid is not dependent on that. At least not yet. But you do not need much «brainware» to see that patenting will be the ultimate tool of dependence and money for the controllers of the food industry. And if you control the food you control the world. Henry Kissinger was right about that.

Same problem with all grids
Whether we talk about food or medicine, these problems will be the same. Nature has solutions for almost any disease you can think of. If so, why do we basically just have the chemical stuff in our hospitals? The answer is of course once again, patenting. Patenting is the only way you will be able to get your invested money back. So far so good. It is only fair to get decent pay for a decent job. And if what you have developed finds a huge real market then you should be able to make alot of money out of it, after you have gotten the invested money back. Especially if a lot of risktaking has been involved you deserve good payment. This writer has no problems with this. The problem starts where control, de-humanizing of humanity and feudalism in the worst way enters the scene.

Patenting seems to be the perfect legal tool and chemistry and GE the perfect technical tools to make creation the opposite of what it as meant to be, the free chamber of food and health for humanity. Many will of course say that humans in 2012 live much longer and has better health. And that is partly true. But is this because nature could not deliver, or because human/feudalist/elitist greed and hunger for power always has held ordinary human beings as poor as possible? Poor and uneducated people historically have not had the energy to revolt. Educated middle class people on the other hand … has become more and more of a threat to the establishment. How do you control them?

I believe this to be the question that I have tried to give a few answers to here. Hopefully they have made a little sense, and opened your eyes to see what really may be going on. Once more, I am not saying these are all the real answers. But I do believe they are a few of the real ones. I trust the good and smart readers of the State of Globe to judge what I write here  for themselves.

Photo by Jim Roberts Gallery

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