Who is trying to destabilize the oil-titan Nigeria?

Nigeria is in trouble because of a terrororganisation called Boko Haram. It is very hard for someone that over the years has followed international geopolitics and history not to see the destabilisation methods being used. Boko Haram is clearly trying to destroy the country. But why? And from where do they get their money to do the job?

A main reason for State of Globe to ask these questions is the timing. Inside sources in the world of intelligence tells State of Globe that Boko Haram is one of the best financed terroristorganisations they have ever seen. How this is possible when movement of money is as tightly controlled as it is said to have been after 911 is beyond this writers ability to understand. According to  my sources Boko Haram uses dating sites with fake fees etc, what usually is called love or romance scam as part of their financing. I guess we can also assume that what is popularly called Nigeria fraud is part of their financing schemes? But is that enough to create the hell they have started down there?

I guess it is fair to ask why I call this «destabilisation methods being seen in Nigeria»? The fight between Christians and Muslems in Nigeria already has a very long history. This is of course true, just as true as ((divide and conquer)) has been the name of the game since a central mentor of the elitists ((Machiavelli)) wrote about it 500 years ago in his book «The Prince». Anyone wanting to understand the mindset and thinking behind true geopolitics should study Machiavelli, the greek philosopher Plato and history as it developed since the doges in Venice started their de-facto rule. All this time religion has been a central tool of divide and conquer, and I really ask myself why it should be any different in Nigeria now?

Terror to US/Europe?
Another important reason I ask these questions is because the same souces also tells me that Boko Haram is planning acts of terror outside Nigeria. We must even prepare ourselves to see them in Europe. That will cost them a lot of money. How can they get that amount of money when no movement of big money is possible without governments knowing it? Who will gain from Boko Haram terror?

Bok Haram has according to my sources a very professional organisation, and people that are usually in the know are worried about what they may come up with? African medias are also writing about «agent provocateurs» among the Islamic Boko Harams fighters, another reasons I chose to ask the questions I do in this little article.

As a writer I hardly ever fail when following the money. Is it about money this time too? Or more likely the oil? Nigeria is a bigger oilproducer than both Libya and Iraq ever was, and in a world where you no longer can come up with empty barrels and call it oil, the real oil get more interesting every day. I wonder if a big fight about Nigerian oil has started? The timing is surely perfect, given the world we see around us right now.

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