Member of European Parliament warns of a likely revolution in Greece, and southern Europe

Nigel Farage is leader of the UK Independence Party and a very outspoken member of the European Parliament. Unfortunately for the Parliament he has been more often right than wrong. He has for a long time warned about most of the severe problems we see now. But never has his warnings been more scary than in this recent interview with Alex Jones and

Farage has created many enemies, and be compared to Ron Paul over in the US. They both are nearly extreme «small government» spokesmen and has been accused of a lot of de-humanizing ideas. Like being racists etc. They are both challenging some of the strongest forces on this planet, and quite obviously must have courage like elite soldiers. One should definitely not be surprised that every thinkable technique of character assasination are  being used against them.

This does not  mean that they are perfect. Personally I see many fields where we politically disagree. But that is not important in a time when the fight is about democracy or not. Democracy has been suspended by the EU overlords in Greece and Italy, and God knows how long it will take before the same happens in Portugal and Spain? Farage is a very strong voice fighting for freedom and democracy. Other political differences means very little when democracy and a possible revolution with severe loss of human lives is at stake.

You find Nigel Farage talk about his deep worries for the future of Europe here, and this time it is not the somewhat populistic Farage you will meet.

You should later search for him on YouTube. There you can look at him working in the European Parliament. None of us have probably ever seen anyone fighting harder for his beliefs than him. He does not care less about offending his political opponents in his fight for freedom, and again what he regards as an emerging dictatorship in Europe.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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