«Real value», new «buzzword» in white paper from Credit Suisse

London Gold Exchange closes permanently and Credit Suisse’s Asset Management Division releases new white paper and video «How to Invest in Real Assets in a «New Normal» Environment». A very fundamental real value change seems to happen as we speak in the world of finance. Where are the medias? Den sveitsiske storbanken Credt Suisse har utgitt ett såkalt «white paper», der de nå vil gi råd om investeringer i reelle verdier, som om reelle verdier er noe nytt? Hva drev de med før?

Håper om ikke lenge å få laget en norsk versjon av den engelske artikkelen du vil se her.

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Britain to sue ECB. Heading for full financial war in EU.

Britain is to sue the European Central Bank for setting rules that allegedly will create problems for the until now financial capital of the world, the City of London . Rules that will force clearinghouses to move over to the euro area.

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Christian Reality TV is coming

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 14, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — DoersTV.com, a free online Christian TV Network, is embarking on a new type of Christian TV that could change the perception that many Christians and non-Christians have of Christian TV. It’s called Christian Reality TV. There will be several TV series, scheduled to air in the first quarter of 2012, depicting people in all walks of life overcoming sexual immorality, drug addictions, crime, and more.

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Obama visited Johnson Controls. Now they start production in China

I am of course well aware that no democratically elected  president can decide where the corporations of his country establish their production etc.. But seeing the pressrelease below from the US company Johnson Controls both tells me about a president with fancy, but so far fairly empty words about creating work. And even more about US companies in the crisis of 2011 sending out pressreleases about out of moving work away from US.

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Bob Chapman: Get out of bonds/stockmarket now!

State of Globe has for at least 6 months said that papers/stocks in the time ahead  will be a very dangerous place to be. Everything is about to be more or less wiped out, paper values in particular. Before president Obamas speech this evening I found a video from end of August, where the profiled financial expert Bob Chapman comes with a very strong warning, fully in line with the predictions from State of Globe.

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