South Korean TV with documentary about chinese stamina pills made out of grinded fetuses

Some things are worse than others. This documentary  made last month by one of South Korea’s major TV channels is definitely one of the worse. The channel allegedly has found evidence that aborted fetuses, etc. is sold to a company. After a freeze-drying process, they are grinded and mixed into stamina pills.

I wondered for a long time if this is something I should write about at all, in all its sickening reality? And it is a fact that Chinese authorities reacted very strongly to the accusation,  and are investigating the allegations. If they are true it is, according to authorities strongly against Chinese law to do business on the sale of fetuses. I really hope it is. To eat aborted fetuses should perhaps not be especially legal either?

Now, some might argue that these pills are not that special, as we since 2008 has seen more or less documented stories about human fetus soup that you allegedly can by at reataurants in Beijing and Canton, with the same potency-enhancing purposes. There are even pictures (hard pictures, not for weak hearts) that are claimed to be from a restaurant doing this. But there are indications that these are modeled fetuses and human parts, made by a Chinese artist. His idea of art is to pretend that these things can be eaten. If this says the most about his imagination, or whether it says something about Chinese culture’s attitude to human dignity remains to be seen. Maybe it just says something about an attempt to cover up a very uncomfortable truth?

No human dignity
Back to the pills. In this forum in the Chinese section of the Internet we can read about the TV program. The censorship appear to a limited extent of stopping the information even in China. And you can read it in English.

China is one of the world’s oldest cultures. When you see what you see here, you can get some thoughts about them having lost something on the way? Has human dignity completely been corrupted on the collective altar? Or have they never had any concept of human value in the first place? Are we seeing the real reason why the Bible are growing faster in China than anywhere else in the world? Jesus was after all the first that brought the idea of human value into this world.


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