Are we made ready for a terrible war with Iran?

A classic way of adapting us all to a planned war is a big PR game ahead of everything. I was reminded of that when I saw the alleged stopped Iranian assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador in the US, and saw it again when I got the pressrelease (see below) about the new thriller «Betrayed,» Unveiling the Iranian Conspiracy Against the United States. The powers ruling us has for the last four years more or less openly wanted war with Iran. When will we tell them enough is enough?

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Microsoft will «force» their worldview on their vendors

Microsoft will enhance the information it shares about its vendors’ commitment to social and environmental policies, programs and performance in its annual Citizenship Report. Bluntly put it can hardly be read any different than that the MS vendors will be forced to follow the political correct Microsoft worldviews in all their marketing etc.. Their own view on the challenges of this world will not be allowed.  Denne saken kommer forhåpentligvis etter hvert i en norsk utgave også.

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Use IP telephony even where they have blocked it

I have been in doubt about publishing the information you will find in the pressrelease below. There may be good reasons to block the use of IP telephony in a network, especially if the network is owned privately. No one is allowed to steal. On the other hand we have also seen so much abuse of customers, regarding refusal of use of Skype etc.. So I decided, in spite of my doubt to tell about this new «IP telephony block» killer.

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Teamsters Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street Movement or is it System Takeover?

In an official Statement of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa gives full support to Occupy Wall Street. Nothing would be better if it is true, but thinking about the history of Teamster and grassrootmovements in the  US, one may perhaps also ask if the system now is trying to take control of this uprising of the people? No one would be happier than me to be wrong here.

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Do US have a secret government?


With all that these days are surfacing of info about the alleged realities in this world, it is often very difficult to know what is true. Often I have found that the truth has been out there for many years, we just have not seen it. What you will be shown in this little article have been there for years, but it may still blow your mind totally away when reading and watching it.

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Global warming from CO2 – was it about creating a new currency of enslavement?

Yuan dynasty banknote with its printing plate ...
Yuan dynasty banknote with its printing plate 1287. An upper line reads: 「至元通行寳鈔」 zhì yuán tōng háng bǎo chāo (Pinyin). A left line (Phagspa script) reads: jˇi ’ŭen baw č‘aw : to say 「至元寳鈔」 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think about International carbon credits backing our money, instead of debt or gold? Did they prepare a global currency making us total slaves for the global energy oligarchs? Was that the whole idea of the CO2/global warming charade? This essay looks at some possible answers.

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