Britain to sue ECB. Heading for full financial war in EU.

Britain is to sue the European Central Bank for setting rules that allegedly will create problems for the until now financial capital of the world, the City of London . Rules that will force clearinghouses to move over to the euro area.
It is the Financial Times reporting this. They continue to show how this unprecedented legal action underlines the depth of ministerial concern over the ECB policy. It seems obvious that UK now will engages in a turf war with France and Germany over Europe’s financial markets infrastructure.

The Three Cities
This may be something going much deeper than what Financial Times Report. Because it is a badly hidden secret that for nearly 900 years City of London has been one of the three real powercities of the world. Many will say the most powerful one, because London has been the real financial center of the world. With its main offices in a house the call «The Temple», not far from Victoria Embankment.

The two other powercities are the Vatican and Washington DC. All three are sovereign states, even though very few people have understood why, and even less what this means for the world? This video tells the story, but you need some time to see it. Even though it will be a very well spent time wanting to know what really goes on in this world.

Threatening The Crown
Bottom line is that the old Roman Empire in many ways continued via The Vatican through the British Empire. Wikipedia has written a lot about this, a lot more than are taught at any school than this writer has previously has heard about. «The Temple» also bears the name «The Crown», and is the real center of finance of the world. Wall Street are in many ways just the pawns of the real game, that seems to have its true roots in the Vatican. The Bible (Book of Daniel) says that there will be four empires (Kingdoms), and the fourth will now doubt be the Roman Empire (a well know interpretation). But many have wondered how the Roman Empire still can rule the earth when Jesus comes back. The truth seems to be, from Wikipedia and many other sources, that the Vatican has been «running the show» through proxies since they mostly withdrew from politics around 1215 (Magna Carta). They became the spiritual capital of the world, London the financial and Washington DC later became the military capital of the world.

Open info
This is of course information that many will have a very hard time swallowing, and most will most likely call it a wild conspiracytheory. But they can find all info, if they want. Most of it is online, even text from many the old agreements etc.. If they do not want to do some research on their own, and just make a mockery out of what they read here it is their problem.  The three cities are for real, and Rome (Vatican) has been running most of the show. But saying this I am not sayhing anything about Catholics and their beliefs. I am just saying that has been in control of all faith included. Do not read more out of what I am writing here than I actually write.

Attacking history and global balance
The whole point of telling this is to try to explain how severe it is when EU know tries to City of London. They are really attacking 900 years of histor0y and global balancve, The Vatican, the real financial house of the world, the Rotchilds having their headquarter in London, and may even attack God Himself through trying to change a prophecy. The latter is of course just faith and interpretation, but how many wars have through history not been started on that basis alone?

I believe it is of real importance to be prepared for almost anything in the financial world and the eurozone now. Because this blatant political attack within the European Union more than anything I have seen so far shows a completely desperate move, and desperate people may be capable of doing anything.




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