Is this the truth about Libya? (Update Aug. 30th)

Truth is the first thing that disappears in a time of war. After all the crazy stories we have heard since the month of March, I wonder if the truth about Libya is that it was one of the very best African/Arab countries in the world? This is any way the message in a video that has just reached my desktop.

Les merIs this the truth about Libya? (Update Aug. 30th)

Hiding behind the headlines

I wonder every day, during the difficult times this world now goes through what will happen tomorrow? Because the more the political and financial system gets into trouble, the more it seems like the media frontpages are «stolen» by other dramatic events. It seems to be peaking as this is written with the hurricane «Irene» over Washington, and Obama warning that it is not over yet. When was the last time Washington was hit by something like this?

Les merHiding behind the headlines

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