Christian Reality TV is coming

MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 14, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ —, a free online Christian TV Network, is embarking on a new type of Christian TV that could change the perception that many Christians and non-Christians have of Christian TV. It’s called Christian Reality TV. There will be several TV series, scheduled to air in the first quarter of 2012, depicting people in all walks of life overcoming sexual immorality, drug addictions, crime, and more.

The phrase «Christian Reality TV» was coined by Pastor David, CEO of DoersTV. A term he said was inspired by God.

«When the Lord told me people need to see Christians doing the Word of God, and not just preaching it, I heard in my spirit, Christian Reality TV» said Pastor David. «This is not about sensationalism or trying to get higher TV ratings. Its about the message of deliverance through the Power of Jesus Christ. People need to not only hear how God delivers others from adultery, fornication, homosexuality, cocaine, crime, and all other types of sins; but they also need to see people actually experiencing God’s delivering power. And that is what Christian Reality TV is all about; capturing the Christian everyday lifestyle on film, not just at a church service.»

DoersTV believes there is a huge market of young Christians that are craving reality TV with a purpose and a message of hope. They see Christian Reality TV as an alternative to the typical traditional Christian programming seen on most Christian TV networks.

Reality television is a genre of television programming that has gained massive appeal in the mainstream media but is untapped territory for Christian TV. Knowing that the genre of Reality TV does not conjure up in the minds of most people – family entertainment; Pastor David is aware that this new type of Christian television will not be without controversy.

«I am very aware that there will be many critics against this new type of Christian programming. However, Its about showing the Word of God in action, in the world, and not just in the four corners of our local churches.» said Pastor David.


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