Bob Chapman: Get out of bonds/stockmarket now!

State of Globe has for at least 6 months said that papers/stocks in the time ahead  will be a very dangerous place to be. Everything is about to be more or less wiped out, paper values in particular. Before president Obamas speech this evening I found a video from end of August, where the profiled financial expert Bob Chapman comes with a very strong warning, fully in line with the predictions from State of Globe.

Chapman is the editor of He has for years been an advocater for precious metals as the real hedge against the extremely wild and for man scary ride that seems to be only days/weeks ahead of us now. In this interview with The Corbett Report  Chapman says that  «…The Federal Reserve knows that they can’t solve the problem. They have instructions to carry this thing out as far as they can, or until the powers behind government decide to pull the plug, so to speak..». This is of course scary enough, and says all we need to know about the alleged free market.

Rigged markets
He also mentions a possible drive. like a crash in the metal markets too. A crash before prices will skyrocket again. The idea is of course to scare people to sell, at firesale prices, before prices go up again. The «powers that were» will obviously be doing all they can to play this game, to all is in their hands. A game that is about the control of the true wealth of the world, which is another way of saying the power of the world. That this game is so extremely revealing about the obvious rigging of the financial markets they do not seem to care about any more. The best advice for all is to hold on to any real value you have, regardless of this high stakes game.

Psychological warfare
The editor of International Forecaster has his own way of explaining this: «…One of the things you have to notice here, and this is pure psychological warfare, and if you’re not trained in it you don’t know what these people are up to…I was trained in it…Whenever you see an attack on silver and then gold the way it was you know that there’s going to be some dreadful things going up. Those were two vicious in-your-face attacks that a high school student could have identified as manipulation…»

Get out of bonds etc NOW!
What made it so important to make this article here on State of Globe was the news that both Bernanke and Obama will have important speeches today. Chapman predicts stuff will happen within the timeframe of the two first weeks of September. He also says that «…September and October are going to be dreadful. And that’s true, they are going to be dreadful. That’s the way I stack it up. And, of course, if there’s no QE3 equivalent the whole thing’s going down the chute…»

He further continues that: «…There’ll be tremendous pressure on the stock market. They’ll try to hold it up. But it’s going to go down. How deeply it’s hard to say, but somewhere on the DOW between 8500 and 10,500…»

And ends with «If you are in the bond market – GET OUT – because it’s gonna get nasty!»

Obama hedge for banks?
The most scary part of what he says is not this, but what he says about the role of Morgan Stanley/JP Morgan and The Federal Reserve of New York. The CEO Jamie Dimon back in March threathened the US government and in all practical sense the world with severe problems if they did not go along  with debt ceiling etc.. Knowing that his previous right hand man Bill Daley now is Obamas right hand man, and that the former CEO of the Fed of New York Tim Geithner is Obamas Secretary of Treasury I guess says what we need to know about Obamas «independence» from the banks?

By now you are warned about not listening too much to Obamas words. His hands may be totally tied up. In stead see what he will be doing. If QE or something similar is coming, go «into hiding» with whatever real assets you have. You probably should do it anyway.


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