Hiding behind the headlines

I wonder every day, during the difficult times this world now goes through what will happen tomorrow? Because the more the political and financial system gets into trouble, the more it seems like the media frontpages are «stolen» by other dramatic events. It seems to be peaking as this is written with the hurricane «Irene» over Washington, and Obama warning that it is not over yet. When was the last time Washington was hit by something like this?

The times we are living in are strange. After studying the alleged financial crisis for a few years, there is no doubt in my mind that we are living in a time in history that hardly can be compared to anything else. What we see is the collapse of a system, where money has been the core. Even though still just a tool for something  much darker and more sinister. A global powergrab, that has been in the works for probably the last 300 years or so. I know this sounds like speculation and conspirational theory of the first degree. But the people in power have at least since 1991 not hidden their agenda. An agenda where the nations of the world are supposed to disappear into the United States of The World. With headquarter in the UN building in New York.

One world government
The first president Bush stated this agenda in 1991, even though he left out a lot. Others have been more clear, like the head of the oil and pharma rich family Rockefeller, David. He admitted in his book «Memoirs» from 2002 that the family are working for a one world government. He was allegedly even more clear during Bilderberg meeting in 1991. But that was not official, so let’s not be too sure about that one.

Rockefellers are central
What we can be sure about though is that the Rockefeller family are the «founders» of the «Seven Sisters» oil cartel, and have spent and made extreme amounts of money from oil into the pharmaceutical industry. The family bought the property of the UN building in New York and gave it to the UN, out of the pure goodness of their hearts? And David Rockefeller are the founder of purely globalist clubs like Council of Foreign Relations and  The Trilateral Commission. They both have a unified world, with of course free and unchecked flow of money, as their admitted goal. Can anyone of us think of a better way of achieving this goal than making all nations so indebted that they never can pay their debt? Few things are more related to slavery than debt…?

Only saying what they say
Am I saying that the trouble we see in this world all on purpose? I am saying nothing more than what Bush, Rockefeller and their globalist friends are saying themselves. But I am saying that I look and see. I am saying that I see stuff like the UN Agenda 21 and the following climate game that removes national sovereignty, I see industry moving to China, I see almost all western countries being heavily indebted to the China, I see the «father of UN» Maurice Strong move to China, and I see a lot more. I am also saying that I do not believe in coincidences. Should I?

Falling apart
From my view it was when this whole game started to be more and more visible, and very tough countering forces were obviously on the warpath against this New World Order, that strange things started to happen. The once so green nature of the planet started going bananas, regional wars popped up everywhere, the planet suddenly got filled with terrorist and one bad pandemic disease after the other kept popping up. Yes I know few of these  problems are anything else than natural occurrences, or at least we should think so. And many of them undoubtedly are. Wars have always been coming and going, earthquakes and volcanoes are natures way of stabilizing the system and it is nothing new under the sun when we talk about strange diseases. Science has told us over and over again about darwinian evolution and «genes gone wild»! But why has so much come together since 1991? Why do so many things now happen, and within the same short timespan?

Some will say it is about 2012. I say that 2012 are meant to be like any other year. But I must admit that if someone in power has planned or believes something will happen, they will act accordingly. Maybe it will be about the end of a 99 year old financial system? Who knows what deal the worlds most important bank, the privately owned  US national bank Federal Reserve got when it was launched in 1913? Hundred year control over the financial system of the world? This is just a wild guess on my part, but believing as I do that all we see in politics etc. is about the money it is hard not to notice that Federal Reserve will be 100 years in 2013.

See their fear
I am still not saying that there is a «hide behind the headlines» agenda, but after having been a partner in an international PR company and working 25 years in press and PR it is hard not to see the obvious. The people of this planet see little of what is really going on when they have enough of a challenge handling their fear of what they think is going on. If you have a big fire in your own backyard, and you want to hide it, the best thing is to start en even bigger fire somewhere else. And if you on top of that can get the medias  to put all their attention on your own controlled fire, you have won the game of public attention. The public will not see your big problems, and because of that you will not loose power in a very vulnerable moment.

What is «normal» and what is made by by someone in need of hiding behind the headlines of the trouble we see every day now I honestly do not know. I only know what I see, and that is a possible very nasty picture. I see a picture where we all are in the middle of firing line, in an historic battle about the future system of wealth, power and money of this world. Please tell me that I am wrong!

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