These are the funds they say will save USA

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Imagine a fund, so huge that you get problems thinking in numbers as large as this. Imagine the fund being blocked by banks and/or authorities, for the sole purpose of  «taking control» of the yearly interest gained by the fund. This is a description of the Wanta funds, that allegedly have been blocked for 15 years plus. Now it seems this may change.

It is the gold/silver analyst Jim Willie that on his website (the member section) tells the story of the fund that has been meant to be a central tool to save America. A fund that will be crucial in bringing the country out of the hands of the bankers, and into the hands of the original Constitution. I have known about the fund for five years.

Christopher Story was first
The first one that as far as I know told the story of the Wanta funds was the late English financial journalist Christopher Story. A man that did more to financial journalism than all mainstream medias put together. He was a former advisor of ((Margareth Thatcher)), and found at an early stage how dirty the world of finance and politics is.

He started writing about this in the early 1970’s, and managed to get a large network of contacts, on the highest levels of the world. He knew about and wrote about things that nobody else ever did, and could read about the coming crisis in the world (which hit i 2007/2008) as early as late 2005 on his website. Story buy the way told me that his family have its roots in my own country Norway,

After several deaththreats Story last managed to write a short note on his own website after he had been attacked. He told this himself, and that he hoped to be back after he got his health back. A couple of weeks later I could read in an English paper that the man was dead.

One trillion in interest
I was afraid that was that regarding the Wanta funds. That somehow this chapter of history had been closed. Because we were talking about big money here, fantastic sums. Funds that allegedly make one trillion USD a decade in interest alone! Something that tells all we need to know about the size of the funds. But also why the powers of this world may have done what they could to get control over the funds, were a man named Leo Wanta had been the trustee.

Wanta is said to be the financial wizard that under Reagan broke the finacial neck of the Soviet union. Large parts of the funds seems to be the earnings made out of that. It is very hard to have this confirmed, but all I have found points at Wanta as the secret “weapon” of president Ronald Reagan.
Part of Nesara
What Story never said, but Willie does write, is that the Wanta funds are part of the much bigger Nesara deals from the early nineties.

The best info I have found about ((Nesara ))can been seen in this film. A film that is the third and last of the «Change is on the Horizon» series. Anybody interested in the what is happening in the world today should definetely spend the three hours it takes to watch these films. There are some spiritual stuff here that is no part of my life, but still they are great in presenting the real history of especially the US.

The Nesara funds were, according to this film, valued at least 800 trillion USD in the 1990’s. God only knows what they may be worth today. But it is hard not to think about the paper value of the empty derivatives today, more or less equaling the value of the real money Nesara funds. According to the film these vast funds were found under auditing of the Federal Reserve System.

Confirmed by Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton confirmed the reality of the Nesara funds, but all info were sealed and closed, and anybody being part of it were being placed under gagorder. This is said to be the reason why hardly anyone has fully heard about this, until now.

We talk about financial life and death for America, and the whole and dirty truth about the US bankruptcy in 1933. We also talk about an alleged illegal tax collecting system, IRS. According to the film IRS are incorporated in Puerto Rico. All of this of course very unpleasant information for the banking system and the US incorporated governement, at least if the public gets hold of it. Now it seems that this is about to happen.

Everything done to try to stop Nesara
Because of the size and the extremely serious consequences of Nesara and the Wanta Funds huge efforts has been made to character assassinate anyone dealing with these questions. The banking powers that had planned to get their New World Order (a feudal fascist globe, without countries, governed by the owners of the banking system) will have an extremely hard time reaching their goals after Nesara is implemented.

The US will get its Constitution back, and the globalism will be dead. No wonder they have worried overtime since the late 90’s to kill this «baby». Anybody trying to understand what Nesara is must think very clear on the motives all parties regarding Nesara, an read and watch everything with that in mind. But the fact that Jim Willie now writes openly about this, and tells that the reality of the Wantafunds and Nesara has been confirmed to him is very interesting. Some very serious and promising info may soon be breaking.



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  1. : ))
    Ah !
    Plan B….
    «Nye penger.»
    Ta avstand fra d gamle systemet med all korrupsjoner og diverse lugubre ligaer, som skaper hungersnød, klasseforskjeller og kriger.
    Få fandenskapet huket fast.
    D smellet tar vi på strak arm, samlet, fokusert, og med styrke.
    Me like.
    : ))
    «Ser» herlige redelige mennesker som i sin nasjonale/internasjonale politiske interesse, setter fokus mot miljøvennlig teknologisk, vakkert, og praktisk arkitektonisk driftet fremtid til/for alle oss…
    Kjør på….
    Leve og blomstre der ute…

  2. Interesant!! Dreier seg vel stort sett om drug money.. CIA startet jo gyldne triangel, og bush sr fortsatte i samme spor med golden cresent!! Tilfeldigvis et samarbeid (og firma) m en viss Bin Laden! Koka var verdens 3 største råvare etter olje og kaffe på 80 tallet. Produksjonen er alltime high etter 9/11 i afgh, I 86 brente de ned Bolivias avling på 1! uke; da de ikke lengre ville samarbeide.. USA har vel over 50% av BNP i drug traden

    • Dette handler nok ikke om det Ståle. Dette er det all grunn til å tro er fundert på vesentlig eldre fonds (minst flere hundre år). Det er derfor de kjempes så enormt hardt mot, for dette er the «real and pure thing». US er ikke bare banditter, det er også «good guys». Men de synes å ha hatt en veldig het tid siden i hvert fall Bush sr. tok roret. Du bør se Change filmen.


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