The peacepricewinner have increased US wareffort in Yemen. Syria are now discussed as next (update)

With military action in five countries, I guess it is not suggesting too much when I ask if the U.S. ever has had any more belligerent President than Peace Prize winner Barack Obama? Sunday senator Lindsey Graham (R) also said that US lso should consider intervention in Syria. The sixth war of Obama may be on its way?

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The Illusion of Money

Money is an illusion, and like all illusions it may instantly disappear. To be able to understand the nature of the money we have today, I have dug into this illusion. What I found was both scary, and promising. Our money today is absolutely nothing more than a mirroring image of the trust in our leaders. Welcome to “The Illusion of Money”.

Nytt finanssystem vil angivelig omfordele rikdommen i verden

Selv om noen nettsteder har snakket om det i lang tid, har få brakt frem ideen om at verden vil bli refinansiert etter at det etterlengtede finansielle systemet har blitt satt på plass. Dette virker som en idé så gal, så svært få tror det. Hvem har penger til dette prosjektet? Og hvorfor skulle de gi dem til andre? Men kanskje verden ikke er akkurat det vi tror det er?

New financial system allegedly will redistribute the wealth of the world

Even if some websites has talked about it for a long time, few has brought forward the idea that the world will be refinanced after the long awaited financial system has been put in place. This seems like an idea so crazy, so very few believes it. Who has the money for this project? And why should they give them to others? But maybe the world is not exactly what we think it is?