The Goldstandard is inavoidable

Over and over again I have talked about my conviction about a coming goldstandard for our western currencies, in particular the US currency. The more I see the developing breakdown of our financial system, the more I see there are no way around it. To avoid hyperinflation and Weimar republic/Zimbabwe problems gold will come back. But how and when?

Les merThe Goldstandard is inavoidable

Why did Greece not follow Iceland? (Updated Feb. 19th 2012)

I have, with growing sadness looked at what has happened to Greece. If we look at the last year of Iceland, Greece is a tragedy I find it very hard to think ever needed to happen. Why have Greece become slaves? Because of the thruth, or big fat bank- and eurosaving lies? An update to this article is here. It looks worse than ever for Greece. And now the financial  vultures are coming. A new update 02.19.12 about the good recovery of Iceland, now even getting new creditworthyness puts the EU warnings about Greece in a very strange light.

Les merWhy did Greece not follow Iceland? (Updated Feb. 19th 2012)

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