Pentecost: The gift of Faith

This Sunday will be my Sunday of Faith. Not only my Sunday of Faith in God, but also my Sunday of Faith in my family, my friends, and in the future of us all.

I see a big train of change coming, and nothing will be able to stop it. The world is about to change dramatically, and we will change with it. I see difficult times ahead for all of us. It will be like birthpain. But even more, I see a better world on the other side of this wild, steep and rocky mountain of change. I have reason to believe in something very good, and so should you.

Pentecost is about faith, in the Risen Lord of all lords. But Pentecost is even more about  faith in the power of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that lives within every born again Christian. The Spirit that creates miracles were all others cease to exist. He is the Power, He is the extra amount of Love within us all.

Let us all remember this when the train is coming to a station near us. The message of Pentecost is the message of Hope and Faith, and I believe it to be a message more important than  anyone of us really understand.

I have chosen three songs for my Pentecost 2011:

One is by Bruce Springsteen, and is a great example of God still working in all of us, even the non-Christians. I am not sure if the catholic Springsteen himself understand how good this song is. You can see and listen here. The text is here.

The other song is by Lynda Randle. The message is the foundation for the arrival of the Holy Spirit. You can see and listen here.

The last song as from Cece Winans. The message is definitely speaking for itself. You can listen to it here.

God bless all of you!


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