The Kyoto agreement seems to be dying

Japan, Russia and Canada have, according to Times of India reported that they will not join next round of the ((Kyoto Protocol)). U.S. still refuses to sign, and Europe will only continue if those who now have said no change their minds. Kyoto seems to have evolved into more of a political «chicken» game, and you should have an exceptionally strong faith to believe in a life of the ((Kyoto Protocol)) after 2012.

My big question is, what is really going on? For in the U.S. we may now find articles in ordinary mainstream medias like this one, where a reputable magazine like Slate more than suggest that we all have been duped to ear when it comes to fossil fuels.

Status quo in Norway
While in Norway both politicians and not at least the medias acts as if nothing has happened. The media seems to have completely deaf ears regarding critical input, in relation to the current climate policy.

The trade union boss got a real “beating” when he suggested that that the Norwegian industry may get serious problems if we do not look at the climate issue once more. Was he testing a social democratic turn in climate policy? The Prime Minister may perhaps not dare to say that his country, that gave ((Al Gore)) and the UN climate panel ((ICC ))the ((Nobel Peace Prize)), may have been thoroughly deceived?

PM deceived?
If Norways Prime Minister ((Jens Stoltenberg)) still has faith in «The gospel according to Al Gore» I hope he will stick to what he believes in. Especially when the message is as serious as Al Gore’s message was? Anything else would show a true character flaw, and that is to put it mildly.

So that things now seem to suggest Stoltenberg may be changing his standpoint regarding climate, I choose to interpret as if he actually realizes that we may have been tricked.

Truth may finally come
Are we about to see the truth coming on the table? We have to admit that money reigns, and that politics has nothing to do with reason. It’s just a chess game. But do we think they will risk both their own and most others lives? Has global politics totally sold themselves to the god of money to an extent that they now has turned around «big time» on climate policy? Even if they know it will end in the total disaster Al Gore tells us about?

There are many alternative explanations and possible motives for what we have been told since at least 1992. That was the first time I can remember anybody mentioning CO2-based climate change and global warming?

New World Order
On 911 (!) 1991 the phrase ((New World Order)), which in practice is the closure of all independent countries and the introduction of world government, was for the first time said out loud by a high level politician. It was the US president of that time, George Bush, Sr. that did it.

The following year, as far as I can remember, Agenda 21 came out of the UN, and later we have just seen it coming. One initiative after another has come, and the UN seems to have a hand on the wheel of almost everything. We talk about the same organization that will be able to receive large carbon revenues (that some believe is the beginning of global taxation) through its systems. In other words, they have been setting the agenda for what will trigger the revenue, and simultaneously make them a world parliament. But I hope no one thought about that?

The perfect explanation
Is it just me that sees that with the closure of the world’s nations their primary goal (they were probably still intended to be federal states) and with global taxation to finance the project, there is nothing that is more tailored than the transboundary CO2 to do the job? Especially if you want an explanation that hides what you really want? I’m not saying this is the real truth, but I Guess it is fair to say that definitely resembles a truth that can explain what has happened?

Extreme energy reserves in the U.S.
Another possible explanation may be the extremely large U.S. energy reserves. These reserves have for many years been placed on the lid, while the country has taken every source of energy they could, especially the carbon based ones, from all other countries than their own.

Some ask why US have done this. They have only come up with two possible answers. Either the oil and gas fields on mainland United States has been too dangerous to develop, or U.S. authorities deliberately keep their own resources back until all others are empty.

None of us can know the truth about this, except the fact that the vast country in west has energy resources like no other I know of. They even admit it themselves now.

Green and oil go hand in hand
I guess it is possible to see a scenario where the U.S. welcomes green technology, but will work hard against it taking over completely? This scenario will give extreme oil prices over an enormous number of years the day the U.S. opens up its own reserves.

US will in practice be monopolists in carbon based energy, but will most likely not want to kill the hen that lays golden egg (the consumers of this planet). So they will energyprices so high that all economic growth will killed.

As long as green technology can keep their gold egg is alive, and the world’s consumption of carbon based energy, therefore, be kept at a lower level, will the U.S. sit on an unusually green and oiled branch? Now this is of course only thoughts in my head, conspiratorial, so we should certainly not take this too far.But this scenario is unthinkable for State Of Globe readers?”

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