Is this the truth about Libya? (Update Aug. 30th)

Truth is the first thing that disappears in a time of war. After all the crazy stories we have heard since the month of March, I wonder if the truth about Libya is that it was one of the very best African/Arab countries in the world? This is any way the message in a video that has just reached my desktop.

State of Globe has several previous articles in Norwegian about Libya revolution, but have so far been very careful to make any real conclusions. The reason is simple. There has been so many strange things happening in the Libyan war, beginning with what seems to be the start of a new central bank as the first thing the rebels in Misrata did. Many of them also seemed to be Islamic warriors, and previous lethal enemies of the US and NATO. People we have strict surveillance on all in the west to avoid doing terror here. On the other hand there are very few dictators in this world has had a crazier image than Ghadaffi, and there are just as many stories about human terror as it is about the opposite regarding  this man.

But in the Western media there has been hardly any balance around the Libya story. Western journalist seems as usual to have bought anything the political and military mediastrategist has told them. Except for Russia Today there has been no dissident  voices at all. This video tells another story, and probably the other side of the coin called Ghadaffi. In the name of balanced information, here it is.

NB! An interesting article about the Libya story just arrived: Here it is. A video from BBC has also arrived, showing clear signs that Israel was deeply involved in the Libyan intelligence.


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