The Bloodline Attack on Jesus Christ

HOLYOKE, Mass., Jan. 31, 2012 /Christian Newswire – edited by State of Globe/ — The Bloodline attack on Jesus Christ was on purpose and well-planned. New book tells the real story of what Dan Brown was trying to present in «Da Vinci Code».
Jack Dunn, a Christian, has sued Dan Brown of the The Vinci Code fame or blasphemy twice for his attacks on Jesus Christ for copying Dunn’s book The Vatican Boys which does not contain «the bloodline theme.»

Dunn has now published a book called The Third Secret of Fatima and Spanish Atlantis which tells how the terrible bloodline Brown tells about in his book is impossible and an international conspiracy against all Christians. The (true) story centers around a man Brown’s group calls «the other Jesus Christ», a prophet who was powerful in Rome, in the Catholic Church in 300 A.D. It seems that the same groups who worshipped this false god back then are the same people who pushed Dan Brown’s bloodline book to world attention with a plan in mind. Now it’s time to tell the world the TRUTH about this recent attack on Christianity and Jesus Christ and how these people are trying to take over the world by destroying everyone’s Faith in Jesus.

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