NRK har vedtatt å bli «mikrofon» for Trump-hat og avviser reell klimadebatt  

Nå betaler vi alle lisens til NRK, over skatteseddelen. Mens NRK har vedtatt å bli en propagandakringkaster. Er det greit, for en kringkaster betalt av oss alle?

WATCH: The Century of the Self – Part 2: «The Engineering of Consent»

The Century of The Self This episode explores how those in power in post-war America used Freud’s ideas about the unconscious mind to try and control the masses. Politicians and planners came to believe Freud’s underlying premise – that deep within all human beings were dangerous and irrational desires and fears. They were convinced that …

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WATCH: The Century of the Self – Part 1: «Happiness Machines»

The Century of the Self The story of the relationship between Sigmund Freud and his American nephew, Edward Bernays. Bernays invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was the first person to take Freud’s ideas to manipulate the masses. He showed American corporations how they could make people want things they didn’t need …

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