Are we made ready for a terrible war with Iran?

A classic way of adapting us all to a planned war is a big PR game ahead of everything. I was reminded of that when I saw the alleged stopped Iranian assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassador in the US, and saw it again when I got the pressrelease (see below) about the new thriller «Betrayed,» Unveiling the Iranian Conspiracy Against the United States. The powers ruling us has for the last four years more or less openly wanted war with Iran. When will we tell them enough is enough?

Do not get me wrong. The president of Iran is to put it mildly, a man that seems to have lost it. But I have read my history and knows how the moneypowers of this world for the last 100 years or so have put in whoever they want (read: whoever will benefit their cause and wallet) on top of every country. All I see of president Ahmadinejad shows me a man not working for the best of his own country. His goal is obviously destabilisation of as much of Middle-East as possible.

Who will benefit from that? Especially in a time when the moneysystem of the world is collapsing, and there are hardly any real money left in the open market? History tells us that war has always been the answer to periods like that, war and big change in wealth and power. Who will benefit from taking control of the oilrich Middle-East, if not the banking cartels and military-industrial complex? They are obviously loosing power, big time, in what is going on right now. A huge war with the oilfields of Iran as a possible price would be a big boost for them, in the possible  most difficult times they have met since the 1800’ds.

You can read the pressrelease and judge for yourself. It has not been changed at all from the one that was sent out. Is this release just about another thriller?

HENDERSON, NV, October 20, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the plot unfolds, an Iranian defector sends a computer disk detailing the activities of the IRGC to a U.S. Federal Court Judge. When the defector is discovered, the IRGC attempts to retrieve the disk. In the course of retrieval the Judge is murdered by a cleaning staff employee who is herself a Shia immigrant from Columbia. Grabbing the Judge’s calendar, she proceeds to a safe house and is deprogrammed. The IRGC concludes the Judge transferred the disk to attorney Jake Mandel, who was his best friend. Mandel is a successful and cynical trial lawyer in Orange County, California.

Against this backdrop, eighteen year old Wally Ovasi, a perfect tool, falls into the hands of the IRGC. His father is a physician, born in Iran of Shiite parents. Coming to America he changes his ethnic identity and passes as an Italian Catholic from Sardinia. He believes that to be an American means to be Christian and western European. He lives and believes in the American dream. Wally discovers his father’s Certificate of Naturalization. He questions his own identity and is angered that his father abandoned his Muslim origins and poses as a Christian. Determined to return to his roots, Wally joins a mosque and falls into the manipulative hands of the IRGC. He is molded into a resolute terrorist, committed to the destruction of the United States for perceived wrongs against the Iranian people.

While participating in the bombing of Jake Mandel’s office he is apprehended. He discharges his attorney, but does not deny the facts of his conduct. His defense is that he is a Muslim soldier defending the national interest of Iran and therefore cannot be guilty of any crime.

Woven into the plot is the story of Jake Mandel, a lonely and skeptical trial lawyer whose life perspective and role as an unwitting participant in the events allows the reader a direct observation window.

Available at Club Lighthouse Publishing and

Betrayed by Ross Gallen View Video Trailer:–o-QWlZzX0

If you enjoy political novels, spy thrillers and terrorism fiction, Ross Gallen’s new thriller is for you. Visit our website for ordering information.

Whatever your political position, it is critical that as Americans we understand and exert maximum pressure on Congress and the Administration to act against the insidious Iranian threat to our freedom. «Betrayed» is a wakeup call. We cannot allow a repeat of 9-11.


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  1. I read your blog with keen interest. Unfortunately it misses the mark. Ahmadinjad, the IRGC and the Mullahs are an existential threat to the United States. Collectively they have injected themselves on the world scene with the intent of causing harm in every facet of daily life. Your characterization of their conduct minimizes the danger they pose to Western Civilization. I am not an employee of the United States Government, nor am I leading the charge to go to war against Iran. If you had bothered to research my background this would have been self evident. I am a novelist, a realist and above all a nationalist. My goal with regard to this novel was to alert the American people to the menace we face so that whatever action is appropriate can be taken. The United States is a unique event in human governance. I will continue to do all that I can to prevent the dark forces of evil from harming our way of life. I invite you to read my novel and then comment.

    • Thank you for a sincere comment! I willingly admit I reacted strongly on the words in the pressrelease, not the book directly. I have not had the chance to read your book yet.

      If this is not clear enough in my text, I apologize. Because I guess you are not that much in control of the publishing house.

      It is the words, especially used on the bottom of the release that caught my attention. Especially after the quite hopeless story with the alleged assassination atempt on the Saudi ambassador I was much on the alert.

      I do not know you, and probably should have contacted you first. It is good we now have contact.

      I am a writer myself, and has for more than six years researched finance world, history, religion (I am a Christian) and psychology (has worked for years in psychiatry). I have a network of contacts all over the world, included in US. Among my closest friends are also some Americans.

      You will find some of my findings in articles on the blog, but there is a lot that is still not there in English. I have written a lot more in Norwegian, but need to make in English. Time unfortunately has been too short yet.

      I definitely agree with you, The United States is a unique event in human governance. After my own country Norway US and Israel are the two countries that I love the most. Americans also has a heart bigger than anyone I know, so we never have to discuss/disagree on this part.

      My big sorrow is that I see dark and sinister forces have been working since 1776 to destroy you country, and it really caught extra speed after the 1890’s. You my find some info at –

      The big system crisis we see now is the peak of this fight, for a one world government. US has to be destroyed for this to happen, and destroying the US can only happen from within. The old Roman Cicero had a good saying: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

      This is what I try to warn about. The president of Iran is crazy, but if our top leaders (the real power we will never see) wants to get rid of him they would have done it long time ago. He serves several purposes, and diversion from the truth may very well be one of them.

      I am fairly sure we will see some very extreme things happen in this world, even before we write 2012 on the calender. The powers that wants UN to take over both US and the rest of us has little time. I have no problem in seeing your worries. Just make sure your effort are about the «man that want to shoot», not that much about his gun (Iran).

      I look forward to read your book, and you definitely will get space on my blog if you want to write about your views. I am almost extreme when it comes to freedom of speech, religion and true democracy. These are the true values (included) that we all should fight for.

      I have great respect for all that fight (with the pen etc.) for their beliefs. And that definitely includes you.

      Have a good evening!

  2. Reading the article, it sounds like pure rubbish to me. There are a lot of
    conspiracy buffs that trade in this type of article. I believe the
    government in Israel is conducted by rational individuals that would see
    this kind of conduct as a form of lunacy. The prime minister has broad
    national support and is a reasoned and measured man. He is a western man,
    steeped in the democratic tradition.

    This type of article lacks foundation in fact and amounts to a scurrilous
    attack on a friendly democratic government without any justification.

    I cannot speak for the Iranians. I can speak about them. I can only
    register my disgust and disdain for the Iranian government. The Iranian
    people chafe under the present regime.

    If the Obama administration had any real commitment to democratic
    institutions and change to effect democratic institutions, it would have
    acted in overt support of the Iranian people when they sought to shake off
    the oppressive regime they live under. Unfortunately the window of
    opportunity has past. Again, I would urge you to read my book, «Betrayed,»
    available at Club Lighthouse Publishing and

    • Thank you! I was not aware of ebook format on the book. Have just bought it and will read it asap.

      The article above is of course dramatic, and seems partly crazy. I very much agree with you in what you write about lack of support for the Iranian people. Not only from US, from all freedom loving countries.

      But being written by the Vietnam veteran Gordon Duff, a guy I have reason to believe knows a lot more than 99,9% of the rest of us, I am not too sure it is a much rubbish as we may think. Why should the vets be as angry as they obviously are now, if there is no reason for it.

      All my history studies (I have books as far backs as from 1790’s) tells me that very little is based on reason on the top of this world. It is all about power and money. Afghanistan as an example has trillions worth of minerals, and there is a big pipeline of oil from sea to sea, being crucial for the flow of oil and money. And drugs are flowing faster than ever. All this is very easy to find fairly good documentation on. Without saying all the details are correct, do you think the main message is that far fetched? Omnipotence may be a disease on the top of this world, right? They feel like the Untouchables?

      • NB! Me not seeing that your book is in ebook format make me feel ashamed. The info was there all the time, I had just lost my vision to what has irritated me with what I still regard as mainly an Iranian clownshow.

        Another matter is that all history tells us that in a time of big financial turmoil, the powerpeople has always looked for an excuse for big war. It rebuilds the moneyvaults.


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