Global warming from CO2 – was it about creating a new currency of enslavement?

Yuan dynasty banknote with its printing plate ...
Yuan dynasty banknote with its printing plate 1287. An upper line reads: 「至元通行寳鈔」 zhì yuán tōng háng bǎo chāo (Pinyin). A left line (Phagspa script) reads: jˇi ’ŭen baw č‘aw : to say 「至元寳鈔」 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think about International carbon credits backing our money, instead of debt or gold? Did they prepare a global currency making us total slaves for the global energy oligarchs? Was that the whole idea of the CO2/global warming charade? This essay looks at some possible answers.

The concept of carbon credit money recently came up in a double article by dr. Michael Coffman, at the website Anyone with slightest interest in what this world is about should read these articles.  I must admit few articles has made me think harder than these, because suddenly it all made sense. The whole craziness of the financial world, after the de facto collapse of the ((Bretton Woods)) (Marshall help etc.) agreement in 1971 made sense.

Debt replaced gold
President Nixon broke the formal connection between US dollar and gold in 1971, and the world started on a perceived value paper ride. Real value (gold) did not grow fast enough to build a huge middleclass of good taxpayers, so they basically made a system where debt would replace gold.

We can speculate on a lot of things, included the US being heavily indebted after the Vietnam War.  So indebted that had to sell a lot gold to pay their debt. But even worse maybe what many regard as a fact, that the US due to the USD status as a global reserve currency could start monetizing their own debt. This in all practical sense is getting their debt paid by others.

Money rolling creates money
Take the oil crisis in 1973, when the oil price went over the roof in a very short time. Have we ever been told the real story about that? The true story behind the fact that we got much higher price on a commodity that no matter who owns it always had to be paid in USD?? That meant a lot more US dollars came into the market, and the real monetizing debt merry-go-round was started? The faster the merry-go-round went, the more debt based money was made.

The Promised Land
Today we write 2011. The world has basically been on the paper merry-go-round for 40 years, for some reason just as long as the people of Israel had to stay in the desert before God let them into The Promised Land. There is a reason why I make this comparission, and it is not because I think the western world having been on a 40 years long walk through the desert.

No entrance for the greedy
The reason I am coming up with this is that God would not let any others than the deserving enter The Promised Land. He did not want anyone messing it all up for their next of kin enter the Land of Milk and Honey.

Just like I am afraid will happen this time too. The ones that has taken advantage of and abused the system where they had their chance, will not be able to do that anymore in Gods financial Land of Milk and Honey.

Gold is Gods money
Why do I write in biblical terms like that? Am I saying that God is coming with His financial Land of Milk and Honey? What I am saying is that all gold belongs to Him. You can read this article for more info on that.

What I also am saying is that a gold standard for the moneysystem of the world is very obviously around the corner. God will through His gold again have His Hand on the moneysystem of His world, and that will have some implications that will not be nice for people that I choose to call the black nobility, and their money lords.

Checks & Balance
They of course knew that God could not for ever look at His gold being used for war and looting, instead of bringing some justice to the world. The devil is the ruler of the world, but God is the King. God has always meant for gold to be His checks & balance tool in a world where evil one is to rule, to preserve enough freedom for humanity to make their own choices. It was just a matter of time before He would act to bring the moneysystem back in shape, after 300 years of greedy abuse. Something I believe He is doing, right now.

Most people see a big financial crisis, recession, maybe depression in the world around us now. This is also true. I have several times her on State of Globe written about the money system we have today, called ((fiat money)).

The people are the collateral
Basically fiat money is practically valueless money issued by the government or private banks on behalf of the people. Fiat money gets value because the government decides the value, and the government in reality uses the people it governs on behalf of as collateral. That the people is neither asked nor officially told about this I guess is of no concern to the same government? I guess this most likely is because very few in the same government understand the implications themselves?

A fiat system will survive from 25-70 years, a little bit dependent on how it has been set up. If it is 100% fiat or not.

Money in The Good Book
I know many readers may react, because I bring God into this essay. They do not believe in God, and may just see what I am writing here as some sort of stupid missionary work. My simple answer is, if we believe or not do not change facts and reality. If you read the Bible and study financial theory, you will find a lot about money in The Good Book. The financial analyst Gary North has made a living out of combining the financial advices in The Bible with the ideas of the ((Austrian School)) of Economics. He sees them fitting nicely.

Humanity’s Sovereign Funds
The black nobility, oligarchs and the banks that has been running/ruling the world since around 1750 have of course made their plans to counter what they knew had to come. They knew they could not get fully hold of the real physical heritage of this world, The Global Settlement Funds, The Combined International Collateral Accounts or whatever you want to call them. But God knows how much they have tried. The wars have been countless through history over these funds, but never worse than from the time of the Napoleonic wars and onwards.

International Treasury Control
It was bad until after The Second World War, when the predecessor of what is now known as The Office of International Treasury Control, OITC were established. The idea was to get it all under control by the international society. We are talking about funds that until the late 1920s had been controlled by the 128 real royal families of the world, and for the latter part by someone that represented all of them to be in control of the joint funds. He was called M1. A man moved out of the picture by competing powers after 1929, a depression which of course was about the gold. Everything in finance, wars and global politics has been about the gold, or money.

From King Solomon
OITC are partly the reason we know a good deal about the existence of these funds. Another reason is this website, and the presentation at this link. At this last link the content has for the last months been tampered with, so do not take all for real, except for the part dealing with the money. I read the original document there, and there were no occult/”spacy” connection there then. It was all about the money and the run for power. There has also been written some books through the years, and the stories in the Bible about King Solomon.

The major part of these funds has been here at least since the days King Solomon. History tells us that this extremely mighty king owned all the gold in the world.  And these funds are as much as this writer has been able to understand the key to the real power of the world.

Accumulated wealth after Solomon
A lot more gold has been taken out of the ground in the millenniums after him, especially in Latin-America. But there is a very good reason to believe that the real collection of royal wealth started with King Solomon. He also seem to be the father of of money and banking.

Readers of the Bible will know very well Gods special relation to King Solomon, and the wisdom that God gave Him.  A wisdom that by the way did not seem to be used that well in his women affairs. He is said to have had nearly 700 wives,

The centre of wealth
His favorite is wife said to have been the Queen of Shaba, and there is fairly trustworthy information out in the fairly open infoland saying that she was the one chosen by Solomon to preserve his bloodline, traditions and immense wealth/assets. She is said to have come from the island of Jawa, and that she travelled back there after Solomon died.

Solomon line in China
From there she and her bloodline down in history preserved and increased the real wealth in an immense way. They intermarried, especially into China. There are also clear connections over to Latin-America, especially the Mayas. We can see proof is the language.- The gold of Latin-America was no coincidence.

That may be tells a lot about the history of Asia, and the real assets of this messed up world?

Carbon credit money
By now it should be possible for the reader to understand the background the carbon credit money may have been meant to be built on. Money is power, and power is about being the ruler of the world. Carbon credit money would lock us all in, with no hope of escape. These already mentioned articles describe this fact in every possible way. The way you live would be the way you would have money. The less you use energy the more money you would have. But the less you use energy the less you would also be able to do. It would be a complete Catch 22 solution.

Unchallenged power cannot be stopped
Money is power, and power is about being the ruler of this world. Unchallenged power can never be stopped, that is why real power through all of history always has been hidden. With the public trough the carbon credit system in all practical sense being contained in big cities. And even more without them having the ability to travel or use any other energy than just what they need to survive, the power owning the energy would finally be without challengers. That is, if they had been able to also paralyze the controllers of the funds after Solomon. The latter is what history has been about so far, mainly tribal wars to get control of energy and gold.

Money to enslave
The former is the history of the environmental movement since the book “Limits to Growth” came in 1972. A history where almost everything has been important and correct, but still a history where an almost hidden “climate/CO2-snake” has been allowed to grow bigger and bigger, until it through ((Agenda 21)), the ((Kyoto agreement)) and the propaganda of ((Al Gore)) showed off its poisonous and feudalistic/totalitarian teeth for real.

Thjs “snake” is the foundation of carbon credit money, and a true blueprint of a one world government  run by certain bank owning families that never was blessed to run this world. They have grandeur dream of a total feudalistic globe where they are the total master, and the rest of us that are allowed to survive will be given a life fairly similar to the life they have in the book of George Orwell, 1984.

When you read the two articles about carbon credit money it all will connect. What I have tried to describe in this essay is just the background for it all.


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