Mystery solved? Turin Shroud linked to Resurrection of Christ

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Mystery solved? Turin Shroud linked to Resurrection of Christ – Telegraph – I am a Christian and believe in the literal resurrection of Christ. But I believe that humans also have been given the ability to think. Even though we may differ on central points in his conclusions, I find this article about Turin Shroud and the new book The Sign, by professor Thomas de Wesselow more than interesting. Especially because an intellectual open his «spiritual doors» like the good professor does.

Mystery solved? Turin Shroud linked to Resurrection of Christ – Telegraph.

A very wise man, a professor in psychology once told me that humans had to be both egocentric (he used the word narcissistic) and stupid not to believe in a Supreme God, being the Creator of all things. How can anyone say he does not believe in God, but at the same find it completely OK to believe that  a big bang out of absolutely nothing made the whole universe, and even mankind?

Free will
I am not sure if I would use exactly the same words, but they make a lot of sense seeing all the unanswered questions that always are coming up every time one scientific question seemingly has been solved. And even more they make a lot of sense looking at the scientific achievements of mankind through history. The most remarkable problems have been solved. This is a fact that should surprise noone, Man is after all created in the Image of God (Genesis 1.27). But at the same time Man is also the most destructive creature we can imagine. He is perfectly well decribed through the whole Old Testament of the Bible, and I have so far not found one passage that is not recognizeable in the world I see around me. The Bible tells about Man (and woman) being created in the image of God, but it also tells about Lucifer trying to destroy Man. And it is perfectly clear on Mans free will to make his choice who to follow.

The Bible gets confirmed
These parameters  alone are of course not enough to justify saying that humans has to be egocentered and stupid not to believe in God.  We all have different background, and knowledge about the world around us.  The last ten years I personally have spent five to ten hours a day studying the history of both the winners and seemingly losers of the world. Through this private study I have found a lot about what this world is really about. It is important that I have done this study very deliberately without looking for confirmation of my beliefs. I have been looking more into finance, politics, history and psychology than religion. But the more I study, the more the Bible gets confirmed. It is all there, if you look outside the political correct box of governmental experts and mainsteam media.

There is a reason why I spend so many words on this. Professor de Wesselow is a man saying that he is no Christian. But he clearly open the door here for the Resurrection of Christ. And by the way the most famous atheist in the world, professor Richard Dawkins is on the same page of Daily Telegraph also honest enough not to totally rule out the existence of God. He says here that he is an agnostic, and that him being 110% atheist is just a myth made by others. Both professor are world class intellectuals, but honest enough not to put themselves at the centre of the universe. This new humble honesty from world class intellectuals is a very good sign for the time to come, a difficult time where we need all the good people we can to get this globe back in fair shape again. It gives me hope, and let’s make HOPE the buzzword for this last Sunday in March 2012.

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