Centralbanks building hyperinflationary storm

Sometimes you find an article or see a situation that basically says all there need to be said. This interview on the King World News blog is basically describing, and in clear terms the perfect hyperinflation storm coming from the major central banks of the world. They are printing money at breakneck speed. There is hardly any other outcome than hyperinflation and gold/silver going through the roof.

The obvious conclusion, that is not clearly stated in the interview with the founder of Matterhorn Asset Management in Switzerland is that there hardly can be any other medicine than a gold/realvaluebacked currency that can fix this mess. Of course not alone. But real value/gold will always be of limited quantities, which makes it impossible for real value to ever enter into hyperinflationary mode.

Greed of the few
Humanity seems out of any ability to let moneyprinting out of hand when the purchasingpower/real power of the oligarchs is threatened. To put it bluntly, the greed of the few always overcome the need of the many. Logic and reason always loses. Like austerity measures in the EU, where any ability for the people to grow their income and hence pay more tax is destroyed by the greed of the big international banks. They obviously don’t care about long time effects and sustainability of the system, as long as they get their bonuses. If the bonuses has to taken from the mouth (food) of the children that were supposed to be their future customers, so be it.

Natural limitations
This extreme greed factor is the main reason I see no way around a gold/real value standard. Natural limitation on quantity also means that gold has to reach a certain pricelevel before it can be of use as a currencybacking.

The centralbanks own induced hyperinflation, that seems inevitable now, will take care of that. Just as much inevitable it seems that banks, mostly not owning any real gold will lose most of their power when gold takes over. Real value will not be in the banks. They have years ago replaced any real value they had with papers they could play with to pump up any value they wanted.

The big banks will then have fallen on their own greed sword, and humanity as a whole may again look into a better (read: safer and more human/caring) future.

Read the interview here.

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