Will «Ron Paul dollar» soon be here?

Many people wonder why I always mention the presidential candidate Ron Paul? My answer is simple. Even though I disagree with a lot of his views, he is the only one seeing the need for gold/real value standard of the currency. Just listen to and watch this video. Even more important, he is the only international high level politician I know of that has a consistent message over time. Politics is usually a long history of lies.

In several articles here on State of Globe you can readabout the illusion of money and the obvious need for a return of the goldstandard. The problems we are facing in this world today are the fight about the money/the currencies. They are the foundation of the global power.

Dr. Ron Paul has 35 years behind him on Capitol Hill, and have all the time been working for a return to the goldstandard. President Nixon removed the goldstandard  back in 1971. Since then the USD has been all about perceived value, not real value. USD has been the fundation of the global currencies since the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944. This US currency has been used in all international trade since then. When perceived value started to be abused for real, after Glass Steagall Act was removed under President Clinton in 1999, the problems got gradually got totally out of hand. We all saw what happened in 2008.

The world desperately needs a return to a real value based money system. Ron Paul gives in this video his take on what needs to be done. It is a little bit on the conspiracy side, you should also take a close look at this new bill. Mustard color a coincidence?  Someone is working w. dr. Paul?

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  1. If you would just proofread your article a bit better, I’d be happy to link to it. However, you have several typos and grammar errors. The first paragraph could use a thorough re-write. You might think that I’m being a grammar-nazi, but your article would be much better received with high-quality writing – and Ron Paul deserves better.

    • No, you are not a grammar-nazi:). I guess you are just a supporter of dr. Paul?

      I appreciate your honest feedback. I do not live in the US, and my mother tongue is Norwegian. I guess that is part of the reason. But I have read the article once more after your comment and I see the language could be better. Esp. at the start of the article. I will spend some extra time on it this evening, my time here, which is 9 hours ahead of California.

  2. I suspected that you were not a native English speaker.

    I would be willing to give you some (limited) help with re-writing, but I am curious about why you are taking such an interest in US politics.

    I see you have already improved the article substantially. You can email me directly for further suggestions.


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