Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Much lately has been made about the threat that robotics and artificial intelligence create to jobs and livelihood here on Our planet.  A universal basic income (UBI) is being proposed to solve for this.  Is UBI a good solution?  Or is there a better solution?  Watch, and add Your thoughts in comments:     Sorry …

Les merUniversal Basic Income (UBI)

The Playing Field of Consciousness.

We start with a system of Individuals, each One interacting with Others and affecting the system. No matter how You break it down, that is the playing field of Consciousness. The result is the sum of the integral input.

How international banks made us victims of blackmail

We have all become victims of blackmail by the international banking community. They have for some reason been allowed to “privatize the gains and the socialize the losses», to borrow a phrase from Nobel Price winner in economy 2001 Joseph Stiglitz. How has this dangerous and tragic mess been allowed to happen?

Les merHow international banks made us victims of blackmail

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