Norwegian PM Erna Solberg and her elite friends’ plans to use the corona to create their world order

The World Economic Forum in Davos will build a new world order, and sees the so-called corona pandemic as the opportunity to achieve this. Erna Solberg's former foreign minister Børge Brende is director of the forum. His boss Klaus Schwab adds in the video that Solberg's "vaccine babies" GAVI and CEPI are central to establishing this new world order.

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Much lately has been made about the threat that robotics and artificial intelligence create to jobs and livelihood here on Our planet.  A universal basic income (UBI) is being proposed to solve for this.  Is UBI a good solution?  Or is there a better solution?  Watch, and add Your thoughts in comments:     Sorry …

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We are told Our planet is «overpopulated» – and with planned obsolescence drawing vast resources to support, along with the majority of Humans drawn into crowded cities so as to find a way to plug Our energy in for the slave tokens (money) to survive, it may seem this is so.  This is an illusion …

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