About us

«State of Globe» is a two-language website that has been around since 2011.  For several years, the State of Globe was significantly larger in the United States than in Norway, and was followed through the site’s Twitter account by many who currently sit in key positions over there. State of Globe also had its own American editor. But the road went, for various reasons in 2018 back to Norway again.

But from from September 1th 2020 this site will again also be internationally targeted, although the focus on Norway will remain as when this is written ultimo July. 2020.   

The site has been and should still be a center of information you won’t find so many other places. Information about Norway and the world, at a time of great upheavals and traditional media on «click hunting» more than truth. At a time when propaganda and other fake news are setting the agenda.

It is NOT the case that the State of Globe Norway will never be wrong. You always have to double-check everything, from everyone! Also from us. But we will do our best for the truth, not for political correctness in a difficult time.

The four perhaps most important topics for us going forward will be:

1.) Consequences of the fierce pressure to digitize everything, including our money. Something that has extreme consequences for among other things our privacy.
2.) The great turmoil in the world, and what it can do to Norway.
3.) The parliamentary majority seems to want Norway to give most of its sovereignty to supranational bodies, with the EU at the forefront. We are de facto talking about the international banking system.
4.) Health care and alternatives

Hans Christian Færden is behind this website and is also the man behind YES to Cash, the organization that put the importance of cash on the political agenda in Norway. Færden is now involved in working for cash internationally. But he is increasingly engaged in the popular mobilizations against sovereignty abating that are now gaining momentum in Norway.

Siv-Anita Øiaas is administrative director of State of Globe. She has almost 30 years of experience in administrative management and restructuring.   

State of Globe is essentially a comment-based website. But we plan to have more news from a world in a titanic change.