WATCH: Documentary Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick- JFK to 9/11

Storyline Documentary Films The assassination of President John F. Kennedy lingers as one of the most traumatic events of the twentieth century. The open and shut nature of the investigation which ensued left many global citizens unsettled and dissatisfied, and nagging questions concerning the truth behind the events of that fateful day remain to this …

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Albany Doctor Allegedly Ran Sick Human Experiments for Nxivm

A doctor described as the resident physician to the twisted upstate sex cult Nxivm has been charged by a state oversight board with illegally conducting human experiments. The action comes eight months after the state Health Department refused to act on a complaint from a former cult member who alleged that Dr. Brandon Porter, 44, …

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An Open Secret: How To Watch the Child Abuse Documentary Hollywood ‘Doesn’t Want You to See’

From the Guardian: A documentary about an alleged paedophile ring in Hollywood has been viewed more than 3 million times after creators released it for free. […] Director Amy Berg, who won an Oscar for her film Deliver Us From Evil about sex abuse in the Catholic church, obtained information with her team about an alleged group of …

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