Exposing the Brutal Facts: Lionel Interviews Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Lionel Nation Published on Jan 18, 2018 Richard Gage, AIA, is a San Francisco Bay Area architect of 28 years, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and the founder and CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), a 501(c)(3) educational charity. Since AE911Truth was launched in 2006, more than 2,850 architects …

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Scientists Discover How to Harness the Power of Quantum Spookiness by Entangling Clouds of Atoms

  Natali Art Collections Robert Young, Lancaster University From tunnelling through impenetrable barriers to being in two places at the same time, the quantum world of atoms and particles is famously bizarre. Yet the strange properties of quantum mechanics are not mathematical quirks – they are real effects that have been seen in laboratories over …

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WATCH: SGT Report Time To Get Red-Pilled with Patrick Wood, DARPA, Technocracy and More

SGTreport Published on May 1, 2018 INVEST in your HEALTH! Try CBD Now: https://naturalhempoil.com/ If you’re outraged by Disney hiding KNOWN pedophile symbols in plain site within their children’s TV shows, please RETWEET this directly to Disney Corporation: https://twitter.com/SGTreport/status/… Avicii knew the truth about #PedoGate and exposed it in his video ‘For A Better Day’: …

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New BOMBSHELL 42-Page Document Reveals Crystal-Clear Obama Admin Collusion

Judicial Watch is an amazing entity! And each American should be proud of the work they do as “America’s Watchdog”. Late yesterday, they announced a 42 page document entitled “Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Source: New BOMBSHELL 42-Page Document Reveals Crystal-Clear Obama Admin Collusion

Federal Prosecutor’s Body Pulled from River; Was DOJ Pioneer In Fight Against Child Exploitation, Porn – True Pundit

Police in New York say they’ve pulled the body of an assistant U.S. attorney from a river. For nearly three decades, George Burgasser worked as a federal prosecutor in Buffalo and Washington. Police found his body in the Niagara River Sunday night. North Tonawanda Detective Capt. Thomas Krantz says the 62-year-old Burgasser was last seen …

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