The Playing Field of Consciousness.

We start with a system of Individuals, each One interacting with Others and affecting the system. No matter how You break it down, that is the playing field of Consciousness. The result is the sum of the integral input.

The basic system is one of emergence. As ideas form, they spread or not based on their merit. People promote the things They like. They, if They are not “ruthless,” do many things for the joy of sharing with someOne They care about. Overall, Humanity does carry the Betterment Ethic at heart. I know lots of People who want to do things on this planet in ways that would be better for many. Am I a statistical anomaly?

Ideas emerging and, if good, being implemented is a stigmergic system – the “merg” having the same root as emergence. Though first applied to the behavior of insects, where the individuals made choices based on information left by others, leaving their own information as well, the principles of stigmergy apply to any system of Individuals who choose Their behavior based on Their input. In the realm of ideas spreading, the playing field is level.

Overlaying the playing field of Consciousness, here on this planet, is a system that allows for some to influence what ideas get to spread, based on a tool that both served a useful function when it was introduced in the history We have – facilitating the exchange of goods at the market – and was extremely dangerous to use, as one of the inherent aspects of any system that has the ability of One to have life and death power over anOther through the ability to pay toadies (armies, hitmen, etc.) is the promotion of the “ruthless” into control. In effect this yokes the Human desire for perfection in the world around Us.

The reason that goods needed to be exchanged was that most often survival was at stake. Things were scarce because Human energy expended meaningfully was required for survival. What was produced was scarce compared to what was desired, and often needed. Humanity was motivated to demand an accounting of the input any given One was contributing. It was not the scarcity on the planet at large but the results of the Human energy put forth that defined the need for the tool.

This planet is vastly abundant, We are very clever in farming technologies, and the bulk of Us want better. Sadly, choices are being made that affect Us all by Those who presently are at the top of the money/power heap. I think “stopping the stimulus” on the food stamp program of $11 out of $200 – the max One can get if single here in GA – in favor of greater spending on the war machine (driven by profit and not need) by many times the “savings” of not feeding People as much is clear evidence that psychopathy rules the day.

And equally clear is the solution: stop using that tool and find a better one.

What is the goal then in terms of a solution? Setting up something stigmergic that emerges toward the Betterment Ethic. Remove the need to account for One’s energy in terms of “work, any work, add something to the system!” and instead allow each Individual to seek how They best can express Their talents towards betterment – from creating happy laughter, art, music to creating solutions to problems the best way and not the cheapest/most profitable.

Earn status for knowledge You have, an ability, a love, a gift, rather than by how much money You can earn. With the opportunity to “screw someOne over” removed – something a psychopath would not hesitate at, but most of Us govern Ourselves shy of, trying to give a “fair market price” for Our energy in the system – .

The system, on a macro scale, has the flow of all Human energy, via products and services and the accounting unit of the day, be it a shell, bead, coin (introducing resource control), bills (fiat of resources) or debt driven through electronic bits, going to a very few on this planet.

Interesting that today We see a good 80% of the jobs We Humans are expected to find ways of plugging Our energy into to acquire accounting tokens We believe represent the worth of Our time/energy… Eighty percent exist to facilitate the bulk of the product of Human energy flowing to a very few, very “ruthless” Beings. Human? Does it matter? 3D vs 4D, 5D, whatever? Does it matter? A solution at a deeper level stands irrespective of these specifics.

Yes, 80% of Our “jobs” are in service to that flow. Cashiering, sales, accounting, billing, collections, marketing, advertising, stock markets, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, and, of course, banking. Of the People in these jobs, and others I did not list, maybe 1% are thrilled that They get to do Their job. 80% of the jobs out there are non-productive. They produce nothing that is required for good health, comfortable living, creative thought expression.

What would happen if all that Human creative power, with a Betterment Ethic promoted, was unleashed on the arts and the sciences, with a focus on proving One’s worth through quality input (earning nothing, losing nothing if One creates no problems ala couch potato syndrome, and losing status in creation of problems/gaining in solving them ethically)?

What would happen if We became truly free of the yoke the money system holds Us under?

When viewing this experience We call “Life,” each as an Individual, We have control of one thing only: Our behavior. (The useless eliters today seek to control that, too.) Everything else is merely influenced through Our chosen behavior within the construct We are co-creating. Given this, it is long past time We accept Our responsibility to influence for the better wherever We can. This is the Betterment Ethic.

I, the writer, do what I can.

After learning of Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water, showing the effects of Your thoughts, My thoughts on water, I saw that I, Myself, had influence. And ever since, I bless with love and thanks every drop of water. I’m thinking if everyOne did that who carries love in Their heart, We’d likely see a very positive effect on this planet.

My recommendation? Structure the water You contact with love. We could start there.

Meanwhile, back to the stigmergic foundation of any society and the overlay of a system of accounting for energy on a vastly abundant planet in an energy-abundant universe. With specific and betterment-motivated actions, We could rid Our planet of the problems created in all accounting systems of what each One of Us inputs (which need intrusion to function).

Poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, intrusion, and profiteering (war profiteering, prison profiteering, pharma profiteering, medical profiteering, chemical profiteering, food, water, air profiteering).

We just now have the tools to let social stigmergy take over focused on the betterment – removing profit as the driving social force. To put down a very dangerous tool indeed.

If We have the energy – We swim in it – and create towards the betterment We likely will see far better an outcome than any plans “for Us.” Just sayin’.

’Nother recommendation: Stop being a hapless observer and become active in Love.


Amaterasu Solar
One Individual in Betterment


«ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.»
«The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…»
«If the universe is made of mostly «dark» energy…can We use it to run Our cars?»
«If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.»


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