Liberty and the American Way

Goddess of Liberty, U.S. Capitol, by G. D. Wakely
Goddess of Liberty, U.S. Capitol, by G. D. Wakely (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Liberty and freedom are often used to mean the same thing. The ability to choose for One’s Self how One spends One’s time/energy. Both presume the three Laws are binding principles, and Individuals presume other “laws” as well (really all beyond the three are statutes, acts, bills, codes, rules, regulations, edicts, mandates, ordinances, and so on)

The difference is that “liberty” is what a ship’s captain gives to His/Her crew, while “freedom” means there is no Other that One must satisfy against One’s choice.  One does not have time run out and have to return to duty.

So We may ask who gave the U.S. “liberty?”  Who sold Us “liberty” as “freedom?”  When does this “liberty” run out?  Who do We report to?  Do We even have freedom?  Do We give lip service to freedom, but want to have someOne We can give up Our freedom to for the “safety” of the “ship?”  What would freedom ringing look like (to mix it up a bit)?

Looking around, I think it is safe to say that freedom is rare and only afforded fully by money.  Virtually all of Us must find some way to input Our energy so as to have liberty to enjoy any freedom We can afford.  We must go to work, We must choose from a wide array of less than enticing ways to plug Our energy in so as to afford, not freedom, but merely what We need to survive.

Does this sound like freedom for all at all?  Sadly, We are a country – and even a planet – of “consensual” ship conscripts – Our consent given on pain of death, from starvation, exposure.  Our “liberty” is rare.  Our freedom, nil.

If freedom was ringing, We all would have the choice of how We spend Our time.  All of it.  Not just what time We have around Our job, not just in ways We can manage to afford.  Within the three Laws.

I cannot see any reasonable Human thinking it’s a good idea to break the three Laws, and in most cases where the Laws are broken money is motive; the power over Others money affords is involved.

What percentage of hurting/killing anOther is done for money?  War surely is 100% for profit.  It is incited through pretense: false flags, psyops, yellow journalism, rumor; and then weaponry, ordinance, and so forth is sold to both sides by the same interests.  The war industry is always the only winner.  The thug hurting or killing to rob is choosing that behavior purely for monetary gain.  The murders of those who threaten profits…  I’m going to say that except for jealous lovers and the psychopathic lust for pain/blood from anOther, virtually all such behavior choices have money as a motivation.

The first Law:  Do not willfully hurt or kill anOther…  If none of Us had to worry about, and in fact had Our choice of, what food We might eat, what place We lived in, what project, with Betterment Ethic in mind, We might choose to do, how much deliberate hurting or killing of One anOther do You think We would see?  More or less than We see now?

The second Law:  Do not willfully take or damage the property of anOther…  If the abundance of the planet was flowing to all of Us freely, and We had all the basics available for all, and did things for Others – performed a concert, painted a picture, built a rocking chair, took Others along fishing, got with a group that was working on archaeology, laughed with and shared with the People We love, how much stealing, destruction, would We see?  More or less than We see now?

The third Law:  Do not willfully defraud anOther…  Except in Human social interaction, where lovers lie – which cannot be solved for – again, virtually all defrauding is for a monetary gain, a power gain.  Without a psychopath’s pyramid to climb – the money game, the power game – how much defrauding do You think We would see?  More or less than We see now?

Getting back to liberty and freedom, don’t You think freedom would prevail for all of Us if We removed the need for money?  Wouldn’t it then follow that the call to let freedom ring is best served by spreading awareness that We just now, in the history of Our planet (as taught in the schools), have the means to eliminate the need for money?  Wouldn’t that truly be…the American Way?

We can eliminate “liberty” in favor of freedom, the freedom to show Our worth or choose worthlessness.  The freedom to find Our gifts and develop them rather than be forced into “reality” and a job that consists of asking Others if They want fries or not.  The freedom to learn as fascinates Us, rather than rote and rot.  The freedom to spend Our time as We choose.

What are these means, these tools, that We just now have?

In four short articles is explained not only what these tools are, but how We can use them.




The Plan:

For freedom.


«ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.»

«The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…»

«If the universe is made of mostly «dark» energy…can We use it to run Our cars?»

«If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.»

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  1. I love this article! It’s is what I have been preaching for the longest to people. This game we play are insane and at the end only a hand full of us benefited fully from this game.


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