The world is all about the money

What are the .isms of this world, if not an elitist divide and conquer tactic to keep us all away from the real truth?

The central core of the elitists are control of the issuing of money, which implies they control the military and the governmental apparatus in all countries. They are of course all dependent on money. And with a global economy noone can isolate themselves totally. We only need to look at North Korea to see how «successful» that may be.

Core of international trade
When the US dollar became the world reserve currency after Bretton Woods conference in 1944, a conference that in financial terms put an end to the second world war, the road was paved for the future. Wall Street is in the US, and US dollar became became the core of all international trade.

US dollar is issued by and in all practical sense are controlled by the privately owned US central bank, The Federal Reserve. Everyone who asks who owns Federal Reserve will be told that the bank is owned by major other banks. The next and logical question should then be who owns these banks? Strangely enough I have seen very few people ask that question. But if we see who were establishing The Fed in 1913, we see names that mostly boils down to the Rotschild family and Bank of England, through the Crown. You can also read more in this previous article on State of Globe.

Gold threatening
My whole point with this is of course to show the power of a few families, having the authority to issue the reserve currency of the world. A currency all others have to depend on, unless they start paying with gold. Several websites wrote that the real reason for the war in Libya and the fall of Ghadaffi was that he started to demand gold for oil instead of demanding US dollars. In other words he broke the Bretton Woods treaty. If this is the truth about the war in Libya I do not know, but I will not be surprised if it is.

The same game is obviously played by the Iranians, even though much smarter than Ghadaffi must have done it. It is done as an open challenge to the power of USD, a challenge more and more countries now are trying out. The world is at the time this article is written in a terrible mess. Is it very far fetched to ask if it all about the money? If it is all about the greed of the Fed and Wall Street, playing with derivatives and empty papers when they instead should have safeguarded the global reserve currency?

Control strategies
Which leads me back to where I started this little essay here on State of Globe. My question was: «What are the .isms of this world, if not an elitist divide and conquer tactic to keep us all away from the real truth?». In a world where a few families are the real rulers, they have to develop strategies to control their workforce, us. Strategies that as an example enables them to start wars «as they wish» when they think they need more power, land or gold. Strategies that makes us do what they say, without protests and problems for them. Like being «canon fodder» when they need us for that. How can this be achieved?

Divide and conquer is a simple tactic, as old as humanity itself. I do not know how many times I have thought about the stupidity of our political systems, where we attack «each others throats» without one single thought about what is really going on. Especially in a two party system, like in the US, both parties are owned by the moneypowers. They of course use them in a dialectical game, for their own purpose. Play out two opposites, and support them both. Then you make sure the result benefits you. Seeing the GOP game being played out before the 2012 presidential election in the US tells it all. Mostly unelectable candidates, paving the way for Rotschilds choice, Barack Obama. Just go to CNN website and see who were Obamas biggest financial supporters in 2008, Goldman Sachs. Find who owns Goldman Sachs, and the gameplan has been revealed.

Maybe it is time for «We the people» to show what democracy is really about?


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