How international banks made us victims of blackmail

We have all become victims of blackmail by the international banking community. They have for some reason been allowed to “privatize the gains and the socialize the losses», to borrow a phrase from Nobel Price winner in economy 2001 Joseph Stiglitz. How has this dangerous and tragic mess been allowed to happen?

The answer is of course not very simple. Professor Michael Hudson from the University of Missouri is one of my absolute favorite writers when it comes to explaing how the banks got us all into this mess. In this article, that I found on the great website he shows how banks now control governments by threathening to crash all if governments do not bail them out when banks say they need it. The result is a rapid decline of the power of governments, while banks in reality gets more the more they lose. In many ways it can be seen as they merge with and control of the countries the reside in. In southern Europe this has turned really bad, with PMs in Italy and Greece handpicked from the banking community.

You will find professor Hudsons article here, and an overview of all his other articles at Globalresearch here. I definitely advice anyone wanting to understand also to read this article.



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