Are new totalitarian laws in the US etc. to protect the elite before crash and thruth makes the public very angry?

Especially after the US Levin and McCain senators came up with their notorious detention law, it has been more and more obvious that people on the top of the world must be very scared and in need of a continues flow of new money to keep themselves in power.  All with eyes to see know that very soon we will be in for a financial armageddon. Where leaders will be blamed hard by the public. Is this what they prepare for?

Former president George H.W. Bush has been quoted on several websites and in books saying something along the lines of: «If the American public knew what we have been doing they would hang us from the nearest lamppost». He is said to have commented on the financial system, and what has been done behind the curtains. I doubt if he ever said this for real, but what I do not doubt is that a lot of things that definitely would not stand the light of day has happened. And that people in power  clearly are parts of it.

At the time of this being written a lot of dirt probably still happens. We have seen so many things revealed since 2008, and must expect that we have only seen what is floating  on the surface.

Corruption scandal
One of the most dramatic things that may be breaking soon is the «mother of all corruption scandals», and the whole takedown of America lately may be about this one. The GOP contender Ron Paul has written about it on his website, and the «White Hats» website has followed it for a long time. Noone really knows who is behind the «White Hats» site. From certain interviews etc. on the Net it seems to be former top people from finance, CIA, politics etc., fully commited to take down the bankingcabal  that has run America and the world at least since the 60s.

The core of the corrupion scandal is that they allegedly have found accounts with billions of dollars in the name of God knows how many top politicians etc.. In the name of many of the most household people of America.

We can only speculate on why this has not broken to the surface yet? I can only think of two reasons:

  1. It is not true. But it has been out there for a long time, and noone has denied it? So it is hard not think that this «smoke»  mean there must be a fire somewhere. Read the links above here to judge for yourself.
  2. It is at least partly true, but because of it being so severe the investigative authorities needs long time, and alternatives to put into power must be ready. Because if the hidden account rumours are  true they will be like decapitating the America you thought you knew.

Not a country
I also see what more and more seems to be a fact, that the United States of America is not a country, but a corporation as part of the problem. A corporation that most likely is a the core of the possible corruption. What will happen when the American people fully understands that all the talk of founding fathers no longer applies to them? That the US got in big trouble after the civil war, and that this war seemingly was all about European control of their belowed country? A war that costed more lives and money than anyone wants to think of. A war that most likely started as early as when one of Americas smartest minds ((Alexander Hamilton)) as minister of finance started to look at how the new republic could get away from the hard rule of ((Bank of England)).

Bank of England
What I read out of US history is that this fight about the rule of Bank of England (through City of London) seemingly was over in 1913, when the ((Federal Reserve)) became a reality. Hamilton did not win … or more correct has not won yet. That is if I have interpreted the available and in fact open info out there correct?

I know Americans as some of the most patient and nice people around. I know them willing to give their last shirt to anyone in real need of clothing. But I also know them being like this until a certain level of unjustice and abuse has been reached for their loved ones. Then you should really take cover from the rage and all the guns of the American Spirit. Most likely you will never find cover anywhere. The American people will always find you.

Is this what all the totalitarian laws we see coming are about? The real truth is about to come out, and it will not be nice for the alleged powers of this world? So they try to protect themselves against the real power? Because they know that the real power is the joint force of the American public? Something becoming a reality on the day the same public discover it themselves?

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