Science out of control and gone wild?

The website has made an article about ten outlandish things the «scientific» controllers have in mind for us in the near future. So far they only “look in the glassbowl”, based on already known plans. But these ten things are so scary and crazy that one really have to ask when enough is enough? How far should humanity allow science to go, if we want to avoid a global dictatorship that will make North-Korea pale in comparison?

You will find the article from here. Do not close eyes and ears because the article may seem so far fetched and crazy. It is both, but the last few years have shown us ideas that have sent shivers down the spine of more people than me. Lead by military research to develop super-soldiers organizations like Darpa in the US and elsewhere have received vast amounts of money, to integrate technology with the human brain.

Even worse than that is that they have  started mixing human and animal genes etc.. They seem to dream of giving soldiers nose like a dog, strength like bears, and eyes like eagles. More and more info is coming out about what really happens, and it is definitely time for humanity to put a big foot down in front of the scientists gone wild. Most of their work are directly or indirectly financed by our money, and they do what ever they can to destroy us all. Do we really accept Homo Sapiens to be on the endangered species list, paid for by our money? Are we as humanity willing to pay our executioner for killing humanity through re-shaping humanity into something God and/or any decent human being with a head to think never can accept?

State of Globe has another article on this subject right here.



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