Use IP telephony even where they have blocked it

I have been in doubt about publishing the information you will find in the pressrelease below. There may be good reasons to block the use of IP telephony in a network, especially if the network is owned privately. No one is allowed to steal. On the other hand we have also seen so much abuse of customers, regarding refusal of use of Skype etc.. So I decided, in spite of my doubt to tell about this new «IP telephony block» killer.

SCHOEFFENGRUND, GERMANY, October 13, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — Global IP Telecommunications releases a free plug & play software to supplement SIP VoIP services in order to make unobstructed telephony available at WIFI hotspots, in hotels and other restricted networks. The product SSC, «Simple SIP Channel», provides for unprecedented freedom in telephony. The actual VoIP service provider can be chosen freely.

«Our VoIP telephones can now be used as simply as plugging a classic phone into a wall socket, picking it up and making calls!» says Michael Best, CEO of Global IP Telecommunications. Mr. Best adds «…[T]he solution makes VoIP data appear as if a user was browsing web pages in order to bypass firewalls in complicated network environments. Users are even enabled to make calls to and from so-called ‘VoIP Blocking Countries’! Users are further free to select a specific SSC access point and to turn SSC on or off.»

The development took two years from concept to realization. The quality and speed of the data transport mechanism have been the focus of the tap-proof point-to-point encryption of voice data. SSC is freely available to every interested person from today. A Linux and Windows variant of the software can be downloaded from There is no limitation of use. SSC can be used with all Ninja Software Telephones from Global IP Telecommunications. Implementation of the relevant functionalities in third-party hardware and software is stipulated as well.

«Companies will particularly take advantage of the simple and very convenient way to connect mobile computers to their fixed PBX. What in the world is more satisfying than to start a piece of software and have everything work perfectly?» says Bernd Roellgen, CTO of Global IP Telecommunications.

Further information is available at the following URL:

About Global IP Telecommunications:
Global IP Telecommunications is a leading manufacturer of auto provisioning-capable softphone applications for Voiceover-IP. Global IP Tel. products are being sold worldwide through leading PC-, USB- and headset manufacturers, Internet service providers, Telco’s as well as international sales partners.


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