The first lie of 911 officially admitted

In a Labor Day interview with Fox News, former vicepresident Dick Cheney now admits that he have gave the order to shoot down Flight 93, the plane where the official story has been that the passengers attacked the high-jackers, making the plane crash in a field outside Shankesville, Pennsylvania. This story is by Cheneys confession now admitted a lie.

The interesting next question will now of course be if we will get more confessions, more lies about 911 will surface? Maybe the first story will what really hit the Pentagon, right in the offices where they investigated 2,3 trillion disappeared dollars for Department of Defence? An investigation of course effectively stopped by the coincidential plane hitting them. A plane that had been through a flight so advanced that even a Top Gun pilot admit he would most likely not have been able to do it. Maybe the truth is shown in the video linked to this article?

NB! Cheneys confession is at approx. 10.45 into the interview.


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